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Friday, 2 January 2015

Nelson Street notions

It's been a LOOOOONG time since we posted - but as you know, there's been a few things happening.

We had a very (blissfully) quiet Christmas at home. Jules woke up and walked straight past his Santa sack, which was cute, then spent the next few hours opening presents and generally getting over excited. We were pretty restrained this year, since we got the trampoline BEFORE we realised I needed a new job (!!), but Jules still had a ton of presents under the tree -- thanks to all you nice people!

Dee did a great job of food with zero help from me -- lots of little grazing snack throughout the day, like rare beef and horseradish Yorkshire puddings, savoury pin wheels and twists, mini roast pork and even seafood cocktails for lunch (classic). I tried a few new beers, and wine (naturally), but we weren't going anywhere in Sydney's heat!

Jules eventually had a nap, too, although fought tooth and nail to avoid it. Of course, once he woke up he figured it was time to open more presents! Um...
The trampoline was disappointing -- we opened the boxes on Christmas eve and discovered we had been given the wrong parts. After A LOT of running around with Vuly support, it now seems like we MIGHT get the parts delivered from Brisbane on Monday. No confidence in that at all by now and we're writing a stern letter...

New year's eve was similarly low key, and similarly humid. Both Jules and Dee had sensible afternoon naps (I didn't, and thus didn't see midnight). We sat inside under the AC and watched the 9pm fireworks on the ABC -- synchronous with the sound we could hear outside. I think it was good for our boy to be in the comfort and safety of his home while seeing the fireworks, as he tends to be a little intimidated by crowds and loud noises both.

Looking forward to a new job that doesn't involve travel, and a prosperous 2015.

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