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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Gordon St Gossip

My holidays are drawing to a close, sadly - I'm back at work tomorrow. It's been a good (and busy) couple of weeks off.. others have mentioned some of what we did - Christmas lunch at Nana's (and a bbq for dinner at Edith and Landon's), Boxing Day Brunch with EVERYONE.

Sunday after Christmas we headed to Highpoint in Melbourne to spend some Christmas money. Os bought a marble maze game and Lil some Frozen jewellery. I tried to talk her into a craft kit, but nope - she's a girly-girl and insisted on earrings and a necklace :)

Monday we saw Big Hero 6. If you haven't seen it it's pretty awesome. It kept both the kids interested the whole way through (which is an achievement) and has changed the way they fist bump forever.

We then took the kids to Melbourne Zoo Tuesday, where they laughed at the monkey butts :) Os had been wanting to go again since he went with school, so it was good to get out there.. especially during school holidays, when kids get in for free. There's a few pictures (including the monkey-butt.. okay, ape-butt)here

We also checked out the splash park, and they had a fabulous time until Lil fell over and scraped her knees pretty badly. Turns out the rough, non-slip concrete surface is also a rough, knee-destroying concrete surface. As I was carrying her to the car to put on bandaids, between the tears she said "I'm pretty lucky to go to the splash park" so I guess it wasn't too traumatic for her ;)

New Years Eve, like Carolynn mentioned, we joined them at a friend's place, although we piked early.

At that point the heat started kicking in and we gave the kids some quiet time playing with their new Christmas toys. Os painted his shield from Auntie Lisa (I helped a little) and I think he did an wonderful job.

Today we're thinking about checking out Jumpz in the morning, before the heat really kicks in again. Then back to work for me, although I've told my work that I'll take another day off at some point in January so we can go check out the Aquarium.

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