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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nelson Street New Year, New Car, New Job

Hurrah -- I have a new job! As of next Tuesday, I'll be a Senior Software Developer (Team Lead) with  Rozetta Technologies.

The company is, among other things, the technology arm of the not-for-profit SIRCA, which provides historical financial data to a number of cooperating Universities, government departments and financial institutions. Experts in "big data", of which there is a large and growing abundance, as well as "cloud computing" (since that's the only way to scale). Fun stuff! I can't wait!

Big data is one of those things you can't REALLY mess around with at home on the weekend, so it will be awesome to get my hands dirty with some of the cool stuff I otherwise just read about. (My last role used various bits of "big data" tech, but also tended to customise it for specific use-cases and hide it behind an API -- this should be a lot more down in the details.)

Even better (read: more challenging), the primary programming language of choice is Python. Now, I've done some Python, but not commercially and neither as much nor as long as Java -- so I'm brushing up on that and really looking forward to diving into some brand-new code. I never thought I'd be excited to NOT be doing Java, but I really am!

And of course, the team leading component: I'll be looking after a team of around 5 or 6 other (more junior) developers, across a number of different projects, which is a whole different class of problem altogether.

To finish of: some photos of our new car (in case you missed them on Facebook):

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