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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 26 April 2009

RACV and family updates

Just reading about the "incredible Museum of Science and Technology" in Manchester. Is that where you're working Dayna? The RACV suggest Manchester as a better starting point for a trip to England than London, especially with the preparation for Olympic games in 2012. Look out tourists from Australia will be flocking to Manchester.
We had a visit from the Hazelman's on Friday. They brought some dried fruit for Dad. Great to see them. Dad had a very ordinary weekend. He certainly wasn't up to going to a party on Saturday night. John and Julie did visit him last Tuesday so they probably didn't expect us.
Dad sees the dietician on Monday. I begin to think a spell in hospital with the feeding tube might be a good idea if it could get him eating again. Maybe all he has to do is wait for the pain to subside, but that is taking longer than he'd hoped. I know we would all give him some kilos if we could.
We have rain .......and wind........and more rain. Surely the storages are filling up. The washing is drying over the heater vents already. Only last week it was warm and sunny and now it's cold and windy. Damien and Cheryl had a rain experience they can write about.


  1. Yes, I do work at MOSI - the Museum of Science and Technology in Manchester. It's interesting that it's in the RACV magazine - I wonder if the marketing team here know about it. And if you want to start your trip in Manchester, I'll certainly come and pick you up from the airport (at least if I'm still here). :-)

    It's still cold here.. with occasional sunshine. I hope it doesn't get too cold too quickly for you lot.


  2. -1 overnight. I think its already got too cold. I took today off because Dad seemed so down when I got home yesterday. He's had one feed this morning. Still very tired but he had a better night's sleep last night. Sunny now at 11am, with 16 forecast. I need to get out my boots and jumpers.

  3. It's taken me a while but yes, the storms were not too kind on our house. Damien woke at 2am to the sound of water dripping a few weeks back. The next day the rain really picked up again and we had a little waterfall in the bedroom.
    Since then we've called our insurance company and we've had the carpet dried and underlay replaced. They even cleaned the carpet in the whole room (they're only supposed to do the affected area but they were being nice :) Another guy came out yesterday to assess the ceiling and wall. They'll have to replace part of the ceiling (because it is sagging a little now) and then repaint. The area of damage isn't too huge, but I'm glad insurance is covering it and we're getting it fixed.


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