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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Blue-eyed future Sword Saint ;)

Just a quick update from us.

Oscar has calmed down a lot - he's on Losec for his reflux - the Mylanta we had him on previously wasn't doing the trick. It does help, although sometimes it can still be difficult getting him to sleep.. but he's not awake every 45 minutes all day and night now, so it's a big plus. We're hoping once he reaches that 6 month point we wont need to give him the medication.. often that's when it settles down anyway.

Cheryl had her shopping day in Melbourne on Saturday (for our anniversary I got her a return ticket).. she spent most of her time (and money) at the DFO at Southern Cross Station, definitely worth a look if you're ever visiting the rainy city. I looked after Oscar for the day.. from 5am when Cheryl left until 9pm when she returned. Thankfully now he's got his medication he was much more relaxed and actually managed a few hours of sleep in there.

The other thing that helped keep me sane over the day was my new iPhone - Cheryl's anniversary present to me.. well, a combination of Cheryl and Kevin Rudd really. I was able to hold Oscar and still surf the net or play games I had downloaded. It was much better than my previous method of passing the time - staring into space :)

This morning we all headed to Goodwood for Iaido, because we had the Grading Certificate Presentations. I am now officially Ni-Dan, which makes me a sensei and also meant I got an art name - a name specific to the style to represent me. My name is "Go Seki".. the "Go" part is from Shihan's art name (Go Ho) and indicates that we have come from the Australian school.. and the "Seki" part means "stone" or "rock".. which was Shihan's (and the Grandmaster's) opinion of me I guess. I hope it's solid as a rock, and not rock-headed ;)

Oh, and finally there's a few more photos of Oscar up - http://www.flickr.com/photos/damienmason/3495448177/in/set-72157613379231082/ Cheryl took some fantastic shots, and I think it's pretty safe to say Oscar's eyes will be staying blue now :)


  1. Congratulations rock head. I'm sure they meant as steady as a rock.
    I'll check out the photos of Oscar. those eyes certainly look blue.
    Dad is still not good. I wish we could find something to help him. The doctor's appointment is tomorrow now. I just hope he will have some constructive ideas. Maybe a stay in hospital where someone else will organise his feeds, although if it still is painful, that won't be enough.

  2. Yes, thank goodness for the Losec! :) It's amazing what a difference it made straight away.

    My trip to Melbourne was really good. I met up with my brother and we shopped and ate. It was my first full day away from Oscar, and it was good to do something different. But of course it was good to see both Damien and Os at the end of the day!

    I think your art name really suits you, Damien. Shihan did well in picking it! I know I can ask you when you get home, but when are you getting the stamp?

    Les, I hope you're feeling better very soon! You'll need to get well and build your strength up so that you can baby-sit when you visit ;)


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