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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Update from us

Hey all.. Everyone seems to be using email to send out their updates, but I'm at work right now and don't have all the addresses here.. so it's a bandwagon post from me :)
Oscar's been a bit difficult these last few weeks, and we finally have a reason why - Cheryl took him to the Dr, who thinks he might be having silent reflux. Basically that explains everything - his tendency to feed only a little, and be hungry half an hour later, waking up after about an hour of being asleep unless you're holding on to him (and keeping him upright), general grumpiness and crying.
The solutions involve a drop of mylanta in his bottle, sitting him up to feed, keeping him sat up for half an hour afterwards, and using towels to angle his bed so his head is a bit higher.. of course in the meantime he's pretty high maintenance, which means when I'm at work Cheryl barely has time to eat, let alone time to rest or anything else.. and it also means of an evening neither of us get much sleep.
Hopefully the tricks can help lessen the effects, and hopefully it's something he grows out of.. although even then it could be months, at which point I suspect we'll both be needing a holiday! Ah, the joy of babies.


  1. So the solution is to give him his own facebook page. There he can complain check out what friends are up to and get things sorted with out letting Mum and Dad know what's happening. Aren't ou starting a bit early? Still if it works, who's to say what's for the best. Sorry to heart he's had pains. Poppy will feel for him. He has medicine to take so he can't feel his sore throat and so he can eat.

  2. Not good to hear that Oz is having the same trouble as Dad (and me.. my reflux is being bad at the moment.. d'oh).

    In order to help Ozzie feel better and let Cheryl get some rest, Glenn, Dee, Bruce and I are sending you a present. Actually, it'll be addressed to Oscar. hehe.

    I know the woman who designed it (well, knew, met, chatted to) and I'm more than happy to support her business.. especially if it helps my sis-in-law. :-)

    Let us know when it arrives.. it says it'll go out 'next day' but is then dependent on Australia Post.

    Hope Dad feels better soon too. I tried to fix the tap of the washing machine - it didn't work with just string.. so i'm trying vaseline and string.. i'll go check soon to see if there are any drips. if there are i'll just have to buy some o-rings (and maybe teflon tape.. but i think it's a bit expensive).

    You're right, Dad - you did bring me up well. I at least know the basics of handy-man jobs.. and know when I need to get someone else to do it. *grin*

    *hugz* to all!


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