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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Thank you Mum

Recycled and homemadeMy jumper arrived yesterday. Actually, it arrived Monday, but I was at work, so couldn't pick it up until yesterday morning. It's lovely. I really like the hat too - although I'm not sure I'll wear it as an ensemble.. we'll have to wait and see what next winter brings. :-) I'll definitely wear them as separates. *grin*

I'm not super-happy with this photo - and it's not cos I'm pulling a face (I meant that *grin*).. it's the extra kilos that are the problem. But I'm working on it.. spring feels like it's finally here and we've had days where it's been t-shirt weather (although no warmer than 20 degrees). It's amazing what a difference some sun can make.

Work seems to be going okay. I think I'll be able to do this job - there are a lot of different things to do. I'll need to get organised for much of it (like organising MOSI's contribution to the Manchester Science Festival) but the Learning team are great (they're not just learning to be a team..hehe) and I like challenges. *grin*

ChangesThere are some more photos on Flickr of my current hair colour.. I'm not especially happy with it (I don't look good blonde.. not golden blonde anyway).. and I'll probably be putting a light-brown through it on the weekend.. I just have to leave it a while because all the bleach I needed to get rid of the black left my hair and scalp in need of TLC. I also have to wait until the weekend because Bruce wants to see it blonde. :-)

Dad, I hope you feel better soon. Apparently Aloe Vera juice is good for soothing the oesophagus. Unfortunately I read somewhere that chocolate isn't good for reflux.. so maybe leave the Easter Eggs for a little while. Although any food is better than none, so if you feel like chocky, go for it. *grin* *big gentle hugz* really, get better!

Hope everyone else is good - Lisa, some more photos of the kids please. *grin* Do you have a Flickr account?

*big hugz* to everyone

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  1. Glad to hear the jumper arrived and see it fits. I know it will keep you warm. I might try to get some aloe vera juice. Maybe we could make our own since we have aloe vera plants.I'll check it out on line.
    I don't like the orange look on you. It reminds me of a former hair colouring session? Love to see natural sometime. ( but not from me since natural equates to lots of grey and I don't want to see that.)
    Dad had his ultrasound to check his aorta today. He had a weetbix but then had to fast from 9am. He's managed one drink of sustagen and is resting. Lisa called in and he took her for a garden tour to show off his peas so he must have had a short period of feeling a bit better. I'm home for the next three days so hopefully we'll see some improvement. I'm cooking home made soup tonight and hope he can eat some.


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