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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

We're in London Still

Hey Guys,
We only have 2 weeks of work left in Edinburgh weeeee! cant wait. I have had my resume put forth for a role at Goldman Sachs and I haven't even started looking yet! so hopefully all goes well, there are heaps of job spots in London...

Glenn and I flew down Friday night for house hunting on Saturday, start off as a bit of a nightmare, we booked on the last flight from Edinburgh which is 21:45. so we got there early to have some dinner and a few "mood enhancers" (wine) for me. The flight was then delayed for an hour and a half... when we got to Gatwick we took the express train into london which took 40 minutes then had to line up for an hour for a taxi because the tube we need was closed for rail works (happens quite a bit in London), we ended up getting to our hotel at 2am, then had to get up at 6:30am for our first viewing at 8:30am. Needless to say we were a little bit silly Saturday.

But it ended up really well. The first place we had lined up was for a private place i has seen on the internet Friday, as soon as I saw it I thought perfect. great location exactly what we wanted... and it was! We finished that viewing and thought we should see the others, we saw 2 after that than rang the guy back and took it. The second one we saw was a joke! seriously a matchbox and the third was a converted warehouse so okay but no balcony. So after we viewed the third we went to the nearest pub to celebrate and to ring the guy of course.

terrace.jpgHere are some pics (one thing to keep in mind apartments in London are much smaller, this one is half the size of our current place but as a great long balcony along the outside) oh and it also has a view of the Gherkin!

It´s a converted school house, top floor so it is going to be great for my very absent fitness level!

We are also going to get bikes so we can cycle to work..




  1. Ty-pi-cal. You cruise into town on the silken backs of purpose-bred, gold-plated dolphins; I, on the other hand, get to tongue-crawl over broken glass dressed in sweat-shop knock-off rags (can't even afford real rags) with a lame, overweight donkey (and it's rider) strapped to my back, all the while fighting away the burning, beard-threatening embers swept by a rancid and precocious north wind across the dung-fuelled campfires which are kept ever-stoked by fearful peasants and placed few paces to ensure that our first class "dolphinback" betters have somewhere to throw the leavings from their fifteen course meal of lobsters fed on truffles fed on caviar, washed down hurriedly with wine made tens of thousands of years ago from the tears of dying faeries.

    Providing my limbs grow back from my harrowing and calamitous journey by the 28th, I'll meet you at King's Cross, yes.

  2. ...Glenn's a little sore... I booked our transport down to london and his ticket is a 2nd class ticket, but because I am leaving a week later I managed to get a seat down at the same price 1st class! :) hehehehhehe .....sucker.

  3. In the spirit of elaborate if somewhat confused verbosity established by Glenn, that flat is so beautiful it makes me cry rainbows filled with unicorns.

    Congratulations on finally finding a place guys. Now I'm off to find some of that upper class turducken you mentioned... mmm..

  4. I just looked up "turducken" in the dictionary (dot com). That such things exist!! Mea culpa!

  5. Oh joy! Accommodation on the top floor. Stairs to be navigated? Is it furnished?
    Glad you found somewhere suitable, before Glenn had to doss in a backpackers waiting for D to join him. I guess Glenn has organised moving with the firm.
    Let us know the new address and phone number when you get there.

  6. It will be furnished, but not as fully as our current place (i.e. we have to buy some cookery, crockery, cutlery, spikelery and scooplery), but it's only for 6 months -- then Chris (Kendrick) is (probably) coming to join us, so we'll be finding a bigger place in the same area.

    I've also found a nice little computer desk for £90 that will fit in nicely -- and keep the computer off the dining table!

    I'll be staying with the bank, too, but I'm considering asking for a couple of days off when I move -- otherwise I arrive Sunday afternoon and go back to work Monday morning! Still, that might be an adventure in itself ...

    We'd really decided that we had to find a place that weekend, as it was going to be too expensive to come down and look again. Just got lucky that the first place was so cool!

    Ma, are you worried about the stairs?

    Don't worry, it's only 6 months as I say. We'll get a place with an elevator next, promise. ;-)

  7. Really, as long as 6 months ;)

    But seriously, well done Dee, getting that 1st class ticket at the "same" price as Glenn's "2nd class" ticket *wink wink* LOL

    The flat looks great BTW!

  8. will this house have space for a couch-surfer? *grin* i'm coming to london the first week in august - i could book into a hostel, or i could help you guys unpack/clean.


    let me know.


    o, and i'll be catching the train to london glenn, so stop your complaining! :P

  9. Train? Train?? LUXury!

    In my day we couldn't afford trains, we had to roll along the tracks on our EYEBALLS. And our eyeballs were SQUARE, and made out of SMELLY CHEESE. So we were chased by ANTS in FUR COATS -- couldn't afford RATS. And it wasn't even "faux fur", it was POLYESTER! So the ants kept EXPLODING from the static electricity! Tiny burning pieces of their anty carapaces would land on our RAW NERVES, because we couldn't afford muscles, bones or SKIN! Yes sir-ree, in my day we were just raw BRAINS with CHEESE for eyes clopping along the railway tracks. AND WE WERE BETTER FOR IT!

  10. And yeah, couch-surfers are welcome.

  11. Brains? Cheese eyes? LUX-ury!

  12. hmmmm... is it just me, or does brother Glenn have WAAAY too much time on his hands?

  13. Whaddya expect? I'm not on 24x7 support anymore!

  14. Have we won "Most Commented Family Bandwagon Post" yet?

  15. if not yet, a couple more rants should do it. Quick, tell me about how things were "in your day"

  16. In MY day peanuts came in packs of twelve. Books were only for the bearded. Kittens were legitimate currency. Icecream was green, and made from peas, and you ate it from tubas only on Christmas day. Post offices didn't have windows, they had sprinklers. There was no moon.

    I could clop home by the soft light of the Great Bongo, stop at the local Kafka-teria for peanuts, milk (which we called Peri Peri Sauce) and a nice cheese and onion-flavoured book and STILL have a paws change from a kitten and a half.

    Times were SIMPLER back then! And people knew LONG DIVISION!

  17. don't forget you could get five otters to the kitten, two rats half-ferret to the otter and a bucket of sand cost a rat and three and could feed the family for a week.

  18. I'm a bit scared of this conversation! :) But I just wanted to say nice looking flat & congrats on finding a place so quickly! :)


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