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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 30 July 2007

Happy Birthday Ma!

Happy Birthday Mum. Or, in crazier text,

Happy Birthday Mum


  1. Happy Birthday from all of us as well!! We didn't sing Happy Birthday to you yesterday, Trinity was set on getting those lollies on her cake :P

    There are some photos up on koffeekat from yesterday too. Will try to add more this week if I get a chance to resize them.

  2. Thank you all. I had a lovely birthday. Out for dinner at Vito Italiano on Saturday night.
    Denise and Peter called yesterday with a lovely plate for serving chocolates. Today dad made a cake, bought flowers , a card and a hematite necklace.Nana gave me a panel to sew and quilt as well as some money.I already had received the great calendar from all of yoou, a book for cooking chocolate from Damien and
    Cheryl and a gorgeous necklace Lisa made. If I give you the beads would you can make the earrings to match please.
    I'll check out the koffeekat photos.
    Our tax return has returned. Goody!

  3. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!

    You know, it's still you're birthday over here -- keep partying!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me too...

    It's only 2pm here now, so you can keep on partying for another 10 hours! ;)

    Sounds like you got lots of lovely things Mum. Sounds like Dad really spoilt you too.. (way to go, Dad). Exactly what you need on your birthday. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing some photos from Trin's gathering (heheh.. lollies.. yummo)...

    and because they didn't sing happy birthday, I'm going to sing it now (quietly, because I'm at work.. but not silently, because there's noone else in my office at the moment.).. here we go:
    happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to youuu... happy biiiirthday dear mum-mm.. happy birthdayyy tooooooo yooooooooo.

    (and yes, I DID really sing it as I typed it *grin*)

    *big hugz*

  5. o, and damien - i tagged a few entries the other day.. and when i get inspired, i'm going to tag more.. especially ones with things like photos. ;P


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