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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My work on theage.com.au

Hey all.. I found out this morning that the illustration I did of Cheryl was featured on the Age Blogs: Creativity Corner. Each week they set a topic, and you submit photos and the like. Then they choose one image and one poem to show on the page.
Here's the age page - http://blogs.theage.com.au/creativitycorner/

While I'm spamming you guys with links, make sure you have a look at my blog and my RedBubble page.. I've been doing a fair bit of work recently, and I'm seriously considering printing out some samples to send to childrens book publishers. I seem to be getting a good reaction from the work I have up, I even sold another framed print (not sure who to.. was it one of you guys again?) and quite a few cards. I would love to illustrate a kids book.. that would just be fantastic.


  1. tres cool!!

    i haven't looked at your illustration blog for ages.. but i like.. i like the "monster love" t-shirt, but don't like how it looks on the darker shirts.. any chance of printing it onto an opaque t-shirt transfer for me?? or.. i could find some transfers (i KNOW you can get them in Kmart at home.. have found light coloured ones here, but not the opaque ones).. if you're okay with me printing out your design.. i could even send you some £ for it. ;)


  2. Hmmm.. i don't have a printer, or i'd happily print out some transfers for you. However if you've got a printer i'd be glad to send you the file to do what you'd like with :) What format would you want the file in? png24 with a transparent background? EPS? PSD?
    I don't know much about printing i'm afraid. Maybe if you can't find any transparent transfers we can find some here and post them to you.

  3. I almost bought the Monster Love t-shirt, but then wasn't sure if I was a medium or a large in AA sizes. (Heh heh, "AA sizes" makes it sound like a battery.)

    Dayna said the AA t-shirts are good quality. I'll hafta find somewhere that sells 'em so I can try on the sizes!

    Make more t-shirts please. (Oh, and do you know how much postage might be?)

  4. glennji, you're going to be moving within bus/underground distance of an AA shop (and it also sounds like alcoholics anonymous).. so you'll be able to try on till your heart is content. :)

    damien, i've got a printer at work i can use.. png is probably the best format (i know there's a program on my computer that will open that).
    the transparent transfers are the ones for light colours - they don't show up on dark shirts. I'm planning on getting opaque ones and cutting out your little monsters. snip snip cut (very carefully!)

    your artwork is splendid!


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