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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 18 May 2007

Prints for Sale

I found a Melbourne-based group who do print on demand prints. You can upload your high res images, set a percentage profit and they deal with buyers if there are any, print them up and post them away. I'm pretty lazy so the idea appeals to me, and I put up some pieces here. I put on a 20% commission, because i'm a big fan of cheap art.
Anyway, I had a sale! The pink robot and flying pieces were bought, which gives me a tidy profit of $3 each ;) but yeah, I'm just impressed that somebody wants to hang my work on their walls.
And yes, that is foxy in the pink robot piece :D


  1. That is so cool!

    I might buy the Brown Man print once we land.

  2. hey, that is cool!! Congrats on a sale of an artwork... does that make you a "real" artist now :P

  3. Yeah I was going to say something like that too, but then realised Damien has been getting paid for his work for ages now - it's his job after all!

    Well done Bruva! Wotcha. Awright?

    (Practising my London accent, in case we move soon.)

  4. LOL... I was making the comment in reference to someone buying an artwork to hang on their wall (I assume) as opposed to what he is doing for work. Forget about that poster for the Sydney thing too :P

  5. I came back from picking a Aussie mate up from the train station to find that Dee has ordered "Brown Man" and "Drowning"!

  6. I wanted Brown Man, but I was going to wait until we were in London somewhere. Dee obviously took a shining to Drowning also.

    I've also printed out one of your Still Life sketches and framed it now ;-).

  7. Hey thanks guys :) Also, those framed prints are a bit more expensive.. so i get $15 or so from each instead of just $3 :)

    If you want others let me know and I can send you the high-resolution jpgs.. That's what i used to print the one of Cheryl at a photo place, and it worked out ok. Of course then you'd have to frame it yourself I suppose, but that's ok :)

    Which of the sketches did you print out?

  8. Damien also sold a 5th piece the other morning, but I don't think we know who bought it. It's exciting! :)

  9. i like pink robot.. it's hilarious! but i wouldn't have picked the little brown cutie as foxy.. heheh..

    it still makes me laugh..

    It's great that you sell stuff.. ahhh, online shopping.. ;)


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