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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

About Time

Well, I've been pretty slack online lately, but the good news is that the Mother's Day stall at school was a success so now we can have a bit of a break. Last week I did school stuff EVERY DAY! It was very tiring!

I am trying to get Adam to put some good software on koffeekat so I can put up some photos of the kids, but in the meantime I will try to put some on photobucket (which is where this picture is) I want to try getting some more good photos but haven't had a chance to set up an area to take them. Although this was just taken last night on my bed...


I have also started another blog for my craft stuff (I post on a forum where a few of them do the same thing) I'm not good at names so at the moment it is Craft Addicted Cat... feel free to suggest something else or come up with a good header picture.

Trinity is chatting away now, and says most things when you say "can you say..." Except "can you say Carolynn" ... she says "nah" LOL I think we need to record it :) She also loves cinnamon Eclipse mints! Even Jared thinks they are too strong. She knows most body parts and can say them, and point to them. She still loves Elmo, and she smiles and says "impon" when the Simpsons come on :P She also loves the Wiggles. Last night I was trying to get her to wear the hats I've made so I can add them to my blog, she wasn't interested until Carolynn tried to model them instead. Then she wouldn't let Carolynn wear any hat LOL

I'll try to get Carolynn and Jared to post later so they can update you on what they have been doing.


  1. Cute photo! And great hat! The stitches are so neat :)

  2. i agree - cute photo and good hat.

    i think you should be using flickr for your photos.. but only cos that's what glenn and damien and i use.. ;)

  3. Hey, it was good to chat with you Lisa. Your craft blog is just awesome! Make sure you keep posting on there.

  4. is there a link to the craft blog?


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