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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 13 January 2007

2007 New Years Fit-o-lution

Hi all..

I'm not sure how many of you remember in September 2005 I had the 6 week fitness challenge. It involved lots of walking, and some other activities.. it was quite effective in getting fitness up..

I'm going to modify the original to just walking, because it's easier to maintain, and I'm once again asking if anyone is interested in taking part in this Challenge. The idea is that you walk for a set time every day (or three times a day on the weekend if you can't find the time during the week) starting at 20 minutes and working your way up. For this to be really effective, you combine it with other increased exercise - playing sport, swimming, bicycling, that sort of thing.

However to be a cruel taskmaster, I'm not going to take "I went swimming for an hour" as an excuse for not walking - i've already cut back the extra activities in this Challenge, so count anything like that as a bonus to yourself. And also no to walking ten minutes, and then another ten minutes later - it's got to be continuous.

So let me know if you're doing it.. and no "i might see how i go", I want a definite yes from everyone ;) And starting Monday, I'll post the required amount of walking for that week. Then in the comments you can add when you've done each walk.

I find the best way to keep this kind of thing going is to be forced to let everyone know how you're doing :) And on that I'd recommend Dayna, Glenn and Dee all go walking together, and Mum, Dad, Lisa, Adam, Carolynn and Jared could do the same. It might seem like it's hard to make the time, but really, it's for your health, and the long-term benefits are huge.

So who's with me? ;)


  1. me - i wanna join.. but i'm not in Edinburgh anymore, so i'll have to be solo.. but at the moment i live 35min walk from work.. does that count?

    i'm currently looking for a new (and probably solo) place to live.. so i won't be doing extra exercise until that's sorted (you can be as hard a taskmaster as you want to - i need a good place to live before i'll be motivated to do other exercise! :P)

    you (and anyone who joins) can be added to the "6 month challenge" site that Glenn, Dee and I have going if you'd like.. unless you think it would be more effective on the bandwagon.. it would be good to get some more posts on the 6 month challenge... *grin* ..i know i'm slack with posting.. but i didn't have a computer at home or work (and not sure how it'll be once i find a new place either..)

    *hugz* to all

  2. Well, Adam and I have discussed the benefits of going to the park instead of the marketplace or lansell... let's see if we follow through (cos you all know what we are like on that front lol) But really, we would save money and the exercise would be good too ;)
    I'm also going to try to get the kids to the pool at least two or three times a week for the holidays. Adam doesn't swim apparently :P

  3. url for the 6 month challenge? I'll post the weekly walks to the bandwagon for now, but we could always move it over to the other site.

  4. http://six-month-challenge.blogspot.com

    I'm in! I walk at least 2 x 30 minutes to work each day, and sometimes another 20 to the gym (although I've been pretty slack at that so far). Changing my walk home (since I'm also slack at making it to work on time) could give me a sliding target up to almost an hour, I reckon.

  5. I've commented on that 6 month challenge website, so if you make me a member i can post stuff, otherwise i'll keep commenting instead :)


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