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Saturday, 16 December 2006

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Hi all,

Today Dee and I went shopping for Christmas decorations. Poor Glenn is still not quite well (he got sick last week in Paris because he let his feet get wet). Shopping was busy - the taxi driver on the way home (yes, we got so much stuff we couldn't carry it) said that today was the busiest day before Christmas - apparently next Friday is too close. Regardless of how busy it was, we found a lot of festive decorations, including some great stockings - I'll post pictures below, and you can see more on my Flickr.

We had a lot of fun tonight, decorating until our little hearts were content. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Creativity at work

Glenn's stocking

Dee's stocking - final

dayna's stocking

All ready to go

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Sorry to hear Glenn isn't well. You need gumboots there Glenn. I plan to finish my Christmas shopping next Friday. Maybe Australians are more laid back about it (or less organised)
    Hope the trip was fun despite the wet feet.


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