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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Almost Christmas

Well, it is almost Chrissy and we still haven't finished our shopping - like mum and dad we have just been to busy with other stuff! But I am hoping to finish before Friday, unlike mum and dad LOL!
So, here is what we have been doing -
About 13 weeks ago (start of the school holidays) Manga got out of the yard to visit the dog over the back. We were hopeful, but it did end up being a male doberman and 3 weeks ago Manga had a healthy litter of 7. They are now getting really active and today they graduated from an inflatable swimming pool to chicken wire blocking them from the back door.
As previously posted, Carolynn is today a teenager! We gave her some cards and an iPod shuffle, and she got bathers and money from nanny and poppy, and money from nanna, and lip gloss from tamara, ray and adam. She has a break-up party at the pool tomorrow and that's it for school for her.
Jared finishes on Thursday, unless we decide he can have the last day off (Scott might be visiting that day) Before that Parent's Association still has the grade 6 graduation lunch and a BBQ for the end of year concert and awards evening (I am President for another year)
Trinity has been practising her walking between things, and has been walking further and further and not falling down quite as often. It is so cute to watch, she points at things like "I am going to walk over there" and off she goes :) Clever girl!
Oh, and Damien and Cheryl, we have booked a Chinese restaurant for Friday night, so if you are in town then you are invited, and if not I guess you miss out... :P We went there with some friends last month and it was pretty nice.
I think that is about everything, I will try to upload some photos now :)


  1. That's a great Christmas tree - one of us will post ours soon.

    And that's a lovely photo of Carolynn!

    It's great to hear the news from home. I'd like to play with the puppies! :) and maybe you'll have to video Trin's walking.. for all of us here.

    Jared - where's your blog?

    *big hugz for all*

  2. Damien and Cheryl said they'd be there. I thought I could ask Edith and Landon if that's OK with you Lisa. Thank you for the Avon Book.
    Santa appeared at Kinder twice today. The 14 three year old group was a gentle practice for the 27 four year olds who come with lots of parents and siblings. This afternoon was so hot. I'm sure Santa appreciated not having too far to travel home to a pair of shorts and a singlet.

  3. so did Santa walk all the way home? I will have to keep an eye out in the paper for the story about where Santa 'really' lives! lol.

  4. Santa in Oz travels in a white panelvan. He arrived home today to meet the soft drink man looking for a panelvan full of soft drinks to be returned and refunded as well as empty bottles. I wonder what he thought when Santa pulled up and hailed him. He was supposed to be there at 3pm so he was early. Probably lucky that santa had a call to come to the kinder early. He may have been caught by the soft drink man otherwise.
    Sorry we didn't get to the Comet Hill christmas breakup. I did cut up 3kg of apricots to make jam tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'm painting the kinder in readiness for new vinyl( after we pack everything away)
    I have also made 3 dozen mince tarts with stars. After yesterday I was exhausted. today hasn't been as long but I'm still ready to rest.
    Happy birthday for tomorrow Lisa.

  5. Carolynn needs to post a photo of sunburn oz style. Ouch. Dad and I both made the glow little glow worm comment and Adam says she's Rudolph.
    Lots of cool water needed Carolynn as well as the green tea and aloe vera spray.


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