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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

sights, museums and coat of arms

hello again from London,

yesterday i played tourist for a while.. got a ticket for a hop-on hop-off bus and travelled around with an Aussie i met on the plane trip over here.. it was kinda fun, and i've a got a few photos that i'll upload when i get to G&D's place.
highlights for me include:
  • the tour guide on one of the buses - he just picked on EVERYONE! first it was me and Canberra (he lived there for a little while and said that the best part of Canberra is the airport!), then it was Aussies in general (his joke [apparently told by a New Zealander]: At Customs, on the way in to Australia, the Kiwi was asked "do you have any criminal convictions?", to which the Kiwi answered "I didn't know that it was still a requirement!".)
  • passing Trafalgar Square MANY MANY MANY times...(the bus must just have looped that place or something.. hehe)
  • the initial walk from Kings Cross station to Victoria station. i had to meet JD and Erin at Victoria at 10.30am, so i left the hostel (near Kings Cross Stn) at about 8.30am.. and wandered roughly south west until i got there.. it took me about the two hours.. and because i didn't stretch properly afterwards, my legs are REALLY SORE today.. d'oh! o well.. ;)

anyway, to finish this post i was going to post a picture of the coat of arms I made at the Victoria & Albert museum today.. but i can't seem to do it (ahh, internet in the hostel) - so i'm going to send the pic to Damien and see if he can put it in this post.. *grin* i also spent a few hours at the Science Museum today - it's SO DIFFERENT to Questacon! but i guess that's to be expected. ;)

hmm.. what else..

i'll try to send some of the rain to Bendigo - there's certainly plenty of it over here! it's funny to think that it's actually spring here.. but i guess in a 'normal' year (read 'non-drought') we'd have a lot of rain around september too.. hmm..

i look forward to trin's "belated" birthday for me in august.. *grin*

hope everyone is happy and healthy.. i'd best keep moving (time limit and all that...)

Damien's Edit: Here's the Coat of Arms


  1. That's a really funny joke :) Glad to hear you're having fun!

  2. great to hear from you.If you'd like to contact Tamara and Ray, tell me what phone number they coud find you on or send an email to goldsmithtamara@hotmail.com. They said they had this week off.

  3. thanx for the edit Damien. I can't remember what the words below the coat of arms mean - but it was something good! ;)

  4. bummer, and i was going to ask what it meant...oh, like the joke btw lol


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