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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 13 May 2006

mini dayna

yesterday i coloured my hair purple to look like Dayna at school it was the shave or colour hair. 0:) :p * *
* *


  1. That's cool! Is there a photo?

  2. that's COOL!!

    i definitely want to see a photo..

    and that brings me to my first (very basic) attempt at a new header..
    "This Season's Colours"..

  3. The header is up and looking very funky. Nice work Dayna :)

  4. ahh, yes.. i was inspired by the fact that my colours (black and purple) are currently "in".. so much so that at the market in Sydney a couple of months ago, i saw MY HAIR as a wig! well.. it was my hair before i cut it short! so.. it seems that i am fashionable.. somehow..


  5. great look. I didn't think I'd look good in purple but you've changed my mind. i haven't seen Carolynn yet. Maybe today. Happy Mother's Day Lisa.we're staying home to work on the fernery until tea time then going up to Nana's. Last night we all went to Denise and Peter's for tea. Friday Nana came here to share a little boneless marinated lamb roast.(better than Tom Cruise!)
    I enjoy not having to cook too often.

  6. teehee...but what happened to my glasses?? sorry guys, we didn't take a photo :( it wasn't very purple...her scalp was tho :)

  7. but i do like the new header grat look for us


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