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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

The Family Bandwagon

hi all just wanting to see what you're all up to
jared hasn't got on yet to post anything yet


  1. Hi Carolynn.. well, Cheryl and I have just been to the gym, and now we're relaxing a bit and enjoying being in out of the rain and cold outside. Last weekend we went to Ikea, which is a huge store that's just opened.. we just wanted a look, but we bought some new pots. It was more exciting than I make it sound I think :) Next weekend I need to go into the city, so maybe we'll go to Chinatown for lunch.. mm.. sushi.. But apart from that I don't think we have much planned until the end of the month, when we're off to see a band called Augie March.. I really like them, so i've had the tickets for a month or so :)

  2. Hello again! :)

    I think Damien has summed up our week well, and I can't think of what else we'll be doing until the concert. Apart from writing you a letter, of course :)

  3. Well Dee and I are back at work today, after a nice relaxing day off yesterday for the May Day bank holiday.

    We'll be going to Ikea ourselves this coming weekend, to get replacement stuff (plates, glasses) for this apartment -- one thing with fully furnished places is that you have to replace anything you break. I still like it better than having to buy, and move, all your own stuff.

    We move in another 18 days, which is pretty exciting. We'll just hire a car I think; it's only books and clothes that we need to move.

    Suzanne O'Bree is visiting the weekend after next, which will be fun too! We can be tourists for a weekend, then she's off to Italy for a look-see. Probably need to get an inflatable mattress for her at Ikea this weekend, huh?

    Finally Dayna will be on her way over the following weekend (when we're moving), so we've got that to look forward to as well!

    Oh, and we're buying a camcorder, so expect some movies to be uploaded to one of the movie sharing websites and linked to here some time soon!

  4. Oh, and Augie March are cool. We're going to see Bic Runga some time in June or July, can't remember which (have to check the tickets again!) somewhere in Edinburgh. 'Twas only £10! Bargain!


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