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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 26 May 2006

another tooth

Yes, Trinity has cut tooth number 5! She's been a grumpy little girl this week. She also sits on the floor with her hands up in the air and bangs her feet on the floor - very cute! And she has learned the great "drop stuff" trick...people pick stuff up for you :) You can throw pacifiers, toys, mum's keys...
Jared won another encouragement award at footy, this time he gets a free 125ml Coca Cola. I think awards should have been given to everyone once before someone got two, might have to mention that to the coach?? or someone...
And next week Carolynn has music camp at Flora Hill. She has a friend who is also going so we will work something out so both lots of parents don't have to do the trip twice a day.

3 weeks until school holidays! yay!


  1. Well done Jared. We'll have to come to the footy and watch you soon won't we?
    Music camp,sounds great Carolynn. Are you practising lots?
    Damien and Cheryl are coming next month for a surprise visit for Edith's birthday.will be great to see them. Trying to change our trip to Canberra since it clashe with their visit.
    Dad is working on the water feature and has cleaned windows and made apple pies from the next door apples over the last week.
    I've been doing extra work time at the YMCA creche.
    See yoou soon. We'll probably try for the market tomorrow. today we went to Kangaroo Flat for fruit and then on to Lansell Plaza.
    love from Mum

  2. We'd like to see a game too.. any chance Jared will be playing on the weekend of the 24th/25th June?

  3. i'd assume he would have footy for the full season, don't know how it'll work in with the school holidays tho'. a full draw hasn't been made, so we just get the time and place on the wednesday before the game.
    don't know if we will get to the market, it is already 10.30am. but we have dvd's to return so will have to go into e'hawk. have to see the latest in the fernery.


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