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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 15 February 2006


Hey, just a quick post to say I've bought an iPod. I've been wanting to get a new mp3 player for a while (my old 64MB brick just doesn't cut it any more) and the Smartmoves work from Dayna gave me the extra money to do so. It's a 30 gig iPod video.. i've ordered it and a case (they scratch really easy apparently) so now i've just got to wait for it to arrive. It was cheaper to order it from Melbourne and have it posted then walk into a store in Adelaide and buy it :)


  1. Cool, you've joined the iRevolutione! Apple make some nice gear tho', don't they? I want the new MacBook that's coming out ... to dual boot with Linux of course.

    Anyway, we've been using Dee's Nano as an alarm clock, by plugging it into an Intempo speaker dock. That little sucker gets loud, too! It's great, you should get one. Well, maybe - us it's the only music player we have, short of plugging the laptop into the TV.

  2. Heh, after buying this, i don't think i'll be buying any accessories too soon. When I do, though, the Radio thing (turns your ipod into a radio) would be tempting.
    Incidentally, the iPod i got was the white 30gb video, and the case was the Agent 18 Shield

  3. It arrived in two days. It's fantastic.. I've subscribed to some stupid number of podcasts, so i can listen to monks giving lectures, then geeks discussing technology, then Dr Karl talking about science one after the other. I don't use the video so much (i didn't think i would) but i did subscribe to the strongbad email podcast :)

  4. that's excellent! i keep checking this for updates and there's nuthin'! oh well...hey, hope dee has been having a great first week of work!

  5. I'll prompt her to post, both here and at glennji.com (have you seen the new look glennji.com? it's grrrreat!)

    Ahem. Shameless self-plug ending ... now.

  6. yes, i have been checking out glennji, specifically the kilted aussie redone...looks good btw...not updated since i last read it tho'
    i got bored because no-one was up-dating so i clicked on the links to everyone elses other blogs...i don't have another blog :(
    but i am a member at essential baby, so that gives me something else to read too.


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