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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

busy busy busy

this is just a quick one.. it's late and i've got to catch a bus at 8 am tomorrow morning..

i've been working pretty long hours lately - the team head off this weekend, so it's been go go go.. and i've not been at home for the weekends either.. like i think i said, i've headed to Sydney three out of the last four weekends. *grin* ahh, lots of bus trips (it takes about 3 and a quarter hours to get there).. but it's been good (apart from the fact that i still have lots of boxes in the box room.. o well.. next weekend)..

tomorrow i'm off to Bateman's Bay for the start of my management course - a three day residential. there are 20 people on the course, so i should at least get to meet some people.. there's even another Daina on the course (okay, spelt different - but i met her at the opening last week, and found it really really strange to have people saying my name and not be talking to me!)

anyway.. i'd best go pack and then get some sleep before tomorrow..



  1. p.s. thanks for giving cartoon me the haircut, Damien.. it's a little different than reality, but not too bad. *grin* (considering i got the haircut to be like another cartoon you drew)

  2. I'm a bit disappointed nobody's noticed the haircut i gave myself, to be honest. Not even Glenn, and he's changed the header himself (those eyes are -freeeaaaky-).

  3. I noticed Damien. Changing the header was my way of letting you know. As for the freaky eyes, blame Mum -- both genetically and graphically! (I cut and paste hers onto my head, then rotated them.)

  4. Can you export in SVG format? I could do better editing that way *wink*

  5. i noticed your haircut.. but i haven't had time to post anything..



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