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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Mum's new computer

Not sure why I made the decision I did. I'd planned on needing at least 8gb Ram and a 1 Tb hard drive. When the Centre Com salesman said these HP Pro's are great and so quick, I should have said, I'll check them out, Instead I said I'l take it. So no DVD drive and only 4Mb of RAM. It can be upgraded at a cost. It has a SSD drive that my computer guru has explained is a very large usb drive. He will put Family Tree Maker on it for me and my very old 2003 Office that has publisher and doesn't require more paying to use.
Certainly initially very fast since it rewrites on a new spot rather than deleting and rewriting.
Need to get a CD drive that will plug into the USB. Disappointed in myself.

Simon has now gone on holidays so when he returns he'll come back to see where I've got to. Need to work out how to get emails on the new computer.

Other than that, I'm modelling again next Tuesday so went to Castlemaine to check out clothes on Thursday, Five of us to model are all mature age, but I am feeling fat. Clothes are from Marion and me. I seem to think the new clothes are very old fashioned. Maybe that reveals my age?Three outfits each for the five of us.

Last Tuesday I took mum to see a specialist about her hands. Decided she needs a carpal tunnel release so it is surgical (hopefully keyhole and will happen on 15th September for her right hand. When it is recovered he'll do the left. Right is less damaged than left. I'll stay with her for Thursday and Friday night at least and we will probably need someone there for the week. At the surgery is info on Cool Sculpting where they freeze unwanted fat cells. Sounds too good to be true but I'll check on the price next time I'm there. (Just what I need, Non surgical tummy tuck)

On a lighter note, the Spinners are redisplaying the winning entry from the Wool Show at a Snugglepot and Cuddlepie live show next Thursday. Members will be spinning before the midday show and eight are attending the 2pm show.(including me). Will get more info next Wednesday. Last Wednesday Clive and I went to Swan Hill for his brother in law's memorial service( Jim was 88 and had lived a very full life.)

On Saturday Clive and I went to Melbourne to have lunch with his daughters. we caught up with one granddaughter but the other was working. Busy girls with part time jobs and boyfriends while dealing with Uni . Chloe has just been offered a research assistant job at the Uni she's attending. She is doing Psychology.

Good to catch up and Clive received some lovely Father's Day gifts from both of the girls. We were back in Bendigo in time for dinner and to get to the Spring Gully dance on Saturday night, Night off tonight.

I continue to remove weeds from the garden especially the very healthy stinging nettles. Much more to do but I thought I'd put wraps on my nails tomorrow so the garden will have to wait.Also a friend is calling for help with Facebook. I need to show her how to limit your audience to family or friends and to get rid of posts you don't want to see.

Great to know Dayna, Bruce and Millicent will be coming for Christmas. Plenty of time for me to make room and declutter a bit. Also need to be very organised for Christmas here..

Look forward to more posts. I see Damien had a successful Iiado seminar this weekend. FB is very handy.


  1. Hey Mum, don't stress about the lack of a cd drive - most laptops these days don't seem to have them. I bought a USB DVD drive for the PC (so we could play a couple of games on it) but I use it very rarely - you're welcome to borrow it. It's LG and was $60 from Harvey Norman so you can always grab yourself one if it works and is essential. I can take a look at emails for you too if you would like. Now that Lil's party and the seminar are both past we're looking forward to some quiet weekends :)

    When Dayna knows the dates she'll be around I'll talk to Joel about getting photos done.

    1. Clearly between me starting my comment and sending it, Damien commented too. That's what happens when I'm replying whilst feeding baby. ;-)

      Damien, we're arriving on the 8th December and left on the 27th.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone in real life. ;-)

  2. If you're really unhappy with the computer, can't you return it? Don't most places give you a two week cooling off period?

    That said, ssd drives are faster than regular hard drives even after they've "been written to" (tho they're usually more expensive for the same size. They're generally more reliable too. I can't remember how the RAM affects performance but I seem to recall it was also a bit different depending on the type of hard drive.
    As for CD/DVD drive, do you use it much? Are you keeping your desktop? Since you can get large USB drives cheaply these days, most CD/DVDs can be copied onto USB (at least temporarily) to get the data onto your new laptop.

    However, if you really don't like it, return it!

    With regards the modelling, just think of it like acting - you don't have to like the character you play (or the clothes you wear). If you think they look old fashioned then I'm sure they are! Doesn't mean that's your style in the real world (but does mean you won't buy any). ;-) It's horrible to feel fat.. I know we all want to be healthy, but we should also live ourselves as we are (tho that doesn't have to mean we don't make changes). Have you seen the Embrace clips? I think it's a great story and I'm keeping my eye out for the movie.

    I hope everything goes well for Nana. Keyhole surgery is pretty amazing (and makes healing so much faster). As we said today, Gwen had keyhole surgery on her leg the other week. She was walking on it the next day! We'll be thinking of Nana!

    Snugglepot and Cuddlepie sounds fun.
    The woollen creation looked fab on FB. I'm sure any kids coming to the play will be fascinated by spinning and will love the diorama. :-)

    You and Clive still keep very busy! Zipping here, there and everywhere - I'm surprised you have time for computers! Was good to chat today tho.

    Millicent slept fairly well last night but so far tonight has been a bit restless - she makes noises, I wake up.. even when she isn't really awake! O well. Going to try to put her down again now.. wish me luck.

    Keep smiling!

  3. Thank you all, I can get emails on the computer and have found Ancestry and the banks. Damien, it would be good to borrow the CD drive so we can put family Tree Maker 2014 and Office 2003 on here, although Simon said he could put them on USBdrives. I might get a couple of larger ones of those (Have 16gb so maybe a 32 is worthwhile,


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