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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 12 September 2016

Family photo shoot

As we've been discussing in Hangouts, we thought it might be nice to get photos done while everyone is here in Bendigo. Joel Bramley http://www.joelbramley.com/ has done two photoshoots for us previously, and he's both patient and reasonably priced, as well as being quite talented so we've asked if he's available to do it.

We chatted to Mum, and suggest the date of Sunday 18th December, from 10:30 - 11:30.

If this date doesn't work for anyone, let us know, but we're somewhat limited in weekends with everybody here.

Right now we're thinking of using Canterbury Park, Eaglehawk, and then returning to Mum's place for lunch. That also opens us up to Lakes Neangar and Tom Thumb too, if we want some variety in background.

The photo shoot costs $160 for the hour. Joel then goes away, edits the photos and gives us a bunch of high res digital files that we can print ourselves. The suggestion is that each family group puts in $32, and then everybody organises their own printing. These are the groups:

Nana, Mum & Clive
Lisa, Carolynn, Jarrad, Jared, Trin & Daria
Dayna, Bruce & Millicent
Glenn, Dee & Jules
Damien, Cheryl, Oscar & Lily

Regarding outfits, it's generally good to wear plainer (unpatterned, solid colour) clothes. If we want the photos to look particularly awesome we can think about a colour range or temperature that everybody works around, but otherwise just avoiding complex patterns will be a big help.

It's also worth considering what photos we'd like, because over the course of the hour it's easy to forget. For example as well as a couple of whole group photos I would suggest we make sure we get at least one photo of each family group, one of all the kids with Mum, all the kids with Nana, and I'd like one of we four siblings. Anyone else have any requests? I know it can be hard to get nice couple photos, so that might be something to add as well. All the ladies and all the gents together? Anyone want a nice headshot of themself?

If we have a list to work to we can try to get Millicent's photos done first as well.

One last thing - for those of us with camera shy kids, I'd recommend talking to them about it and making sure they understand that we want to get a few really nice photos. We did that with Os and Lil and it made them more patient and more willing to pose, wheras they tend to run away from the candid shots.

Here's a couple of photos to help think about colour. For the first lot we went with blues with Lil as a highlight (since there weren't many of us), for the second lot there was more variety with greys, blues, browns and blacks (with Edith and Charlotte as highlights).


  1. I am very happy with that. I bags red.

  2. so maybe we go for similar to above - blacks, greys, blues and Mum (and someone else) as highlights?

    Or Danger Mouse (white, red, black and yellow - right?)

    1. Dayna, does that time work for you and Millicent?

    2. At this point, any time will work or not.. And it's completely unpredictable. :-)

    3. Totally understand! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      Joel is good. We'll do the photos we can and work around little M ☺️

  3. Works for me! Low saturation colours with blues, purples, browns, greys and red. Nothing too bright.

  4. Lily might like to wear her new red dress, Damo? (The one she wore to her party).
    If a couple of others wear a bit of red that might help tie it all together? *shrug

  5. Carolynn, that time doesn't interfere with birthday plans? (Ie hangover?! Jk ๐Ÿ˜„)


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