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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 26 September 2016

Docklands Distraction

On Friday we packed up the kids and headed to Melbourne. I've been wanting/needing a bit of a break for a while now and it seemed like a good weekend to do it, while the kids were on holiday and there wasn't Iaido on Saturday.

We drove to Harbourtown in Docklands for lunch and a bit of a shop (and yes, possibly some churros), and then checked into our apartment. We'd booked a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom place, but they gave us 3 bedrooms which was nice. The whole place was pretty fancy, and as I'm sure you've seen on Facebook had a really nice harbour view. Cheryl took some photos of the rooms so I'll get her to post them up in the comments.

We had an early dinner on the esplanade, and a bit of a wander around. It was so nice to have a short walk from our apartment to good restaurants and the like. We did make the mistake of letting the kids have icecream - they're a bit like mogwai, except for sugar after about 2pm.

Saturday we hopped on the free tram (all trams are free in the CBD now!) to the Queen Vic Markets. I've been wanting to get a new leather jacket to replace the not-actually-leather one of Dad's that I have so I bought one, and the kids also spent some of their birthday money. Nobody had slept well the night before (I took a bed near Ossie who woke up at 2 thinking it was morning, and Cheryl shared the biggest bed with Lil who proceeded to kick her all night) so we headed back to the room, and then I went into the city to buy some comics like a proper grown up.

Everything is so close when you stay in the city, so I was done and back by about 2pm :) We headed to a bakery for afternoon tea, and then Cheryl went to the factory outlet place at Spencer St while the kids and I had a bit more of a walk around the harbour/climb on the weird red bald dude statues and then back to the room to rest up.

Another early dinner and really early night for everyone.

Sunday we dropped off the keys and headed to Highpoint, which was only about 15 minutes away. Continuing my trend of being an adult I bought some toys from a collectables place that was closing down, we had lunch, and then came home to Bendigo. Lil had reached her limit at that point so it wasn't worth sticking around any longer. Of course we did go to Daiso, because no trip to Melbourne is complete without going to Daiso.

So that was our trip. Some nice restaurants, a bit of shopping, but for me the best part was turning off my computer on Thursday night and not having to turn it on until we got back home again. That and the churros.

This weekend (weather permitting) we're planning on heading towards Daylesford to see a couple of the waterfalls and have a picnic. Apparently after the deluge we've had in the last few weeks they're particularly nice. No other birthday plans, but maybe we'll go out for lunch or dinner or something.


  1. Don't forget I also caught up with Lisa, C&J, T and D at the station! We had a quick chat before we all had to head off.

    Can I add photos in comments?

    1. Hmm.. maybe not? I guess you could just do a new post with some photos then.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! What's Daiso?

    Damien, I ordered your present but they don't deliver to Australia (only the States and the UK). So I'll bring it in December instead.

    1. Basically like a Japanese $2 shop. Lots of good Japanese stuff :)



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