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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nelson Street Nomads: Is it 2016 already?

(Caveat: There is every chance that my optimism and dedication to writing on the Bandwagon is a stereotypical “new year, new you”-type thing, and I may well fall back into my old habits of isolation and radio-silence -- BUT I HOPE NOT! “Intention” is a necessary (but not sufficient) precursor to “action”, after all — and right now, my intentions are strong! I have a good feeling about 2016, and think we’ve planned just enough fun and challenge for the year: a little camping; training for a second attempt at the Sydney marathon; learning to snow-board; and later in the year, a week-ish long “motorcycle sabbatical” whereby I hire a motorbike, pack a swag and travel to my 20-year high-school musical reunion.)

I think the last time I posted, we’d just found out that the owners of 301 Nelson were selling, and that we would have to move. No change there: they sold (in two weeks, without advertising, just via Facebook (!!)), we agreed to a shorter lease (Feb) and have the benefit of “no notice break-lease” to boot — so as soon as we find a place, we’re outta here!

This weekend we started packing. Something like twelve boxes, which has made a dent but is just the beginning. (When did we accumulate so much stuff??) Fingers are crossed for a place around the corner, which is available for viewing on the 18th — 3BR, a little yard, “pet-friendly”.

We really want to stay in this neighbourhood: apart from the well-regarded primary school “catchment”, our neighbours are amazing. Today, for example, I took Jules up to see Allanah — they ran upstairs, I came home for more packing, safe in the knowledge that one of the older neighbourhood kids would bring him home if needed.

Christmas in Brisbane was nice, but busy — we visited both the Australia Zoo (by crickey!) and Movieworld, as well as catching a football game (Melbourne Victory vs. Brisbane Roar) and the Christmas Parade. And of course I have to confess: your Christmas gifts didn’t arrive in time (sent to work) and I *still* haven’t sent them onwards — we only just got around to sending a year of birthday pressies before Christmas arrived! I’m hopeless. (But Lisa, one of your birthday cups was from me — Dayna is a MUCH better sister than I am!)

NYE was pretty low-key: Dee was sick, so stayed home and babysat our boy; I took Uncle Chris and Aunty Sarah into the office for a barbeque and fireworks, since we have such a great view of both the bridge and the Opera House. T’was a bit of a mission getting home on public transport afterwards, but I think we made it by 2:30am.

Yesterday was a good day, which you may have seen on Facebook. After a delicious breakfast (barbecued bacon and halloumi, with eggs and avocado) we spent most of the day packing boxes; in the afternoon we took Jules to meet his friend at the playground, and actually got to relax (sort of) as they played together. Dinner was Mexican, at a real-live restaurant no less, then home for Little Big Planet on the Playstation.

I’m trying to remember that “life” is the more important side of “work-life balance”, and as part of the social committee I get special preview on some of the events we’re planning, including craft-beer, bubble-soccer, Chinese New Year, a pancake breakfast, board games, a LAN party and karaoke — seriously, if I can just forget about project deadlines and the pressure I put myself under to try to ship the software, I could be having a ball!

So there you go: my first, but hopefully not my last, Bandwagon post for the year. I’ll let you know how we get on with the house, and try to get these presents off before NEXT Christmas, and look forward to seeing you all on Hangouts on a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening.