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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lynwood Life

Great to read what everyone's been up to! 

Little Masons, sounds like you had a fun (and productive) holiday! Congrats, Damo! It's so cool that you're so far up the ladder with Iado.. But that you continue to climb and improve yourself. Cheryl, I've seen a few of the fb pictures, so even tho it sounds like the kids were a bit difficult, still looks like everyone had a fantastic time! I love Lily's comment about being naughty but still getting chocky! 

G&D, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you! Sounds like what B & I had to deal with lay time we moved! It's so disheartening! But keep your chin up, something will come along.. Hopefully soon! Our flat here isn't as lovely as our last one - hard wearing carpets, odd shaped rooms, no built-in a wardrobes.. But it works and is convenient for both of us getting to work (easy and fast train links for me, not too far to the motorway for B). We actually had a brief look at the market (both rental and buying) a month ago - there's nothing out there that's as good as this place in the same price range! So we're staying here for at least another year.

For the last fortnight, work has been full-on! I was in Bath Monday for my quarterly review in Bath (my RSC line manager is going on maternity leave soon, & it was easier for me to travel to Bath than her come all the way to Cardiff) - of course, no issues, keep doing what I do! Tuesday took me to Swansea to talk to trainee teachers. Then for the rest of that week I was in Cardiff - meetings, catching up on email, and training PhD students (I run the training.. And I had feedback that it was the best training they'd done at Cardiff Uni! Woohoo! Even if it was only one person's comment, I'm taking that and framing it!). *phew*

Last weekend we took it easy - went to a couple of shops on Sunday, nothing much.

This week has been even more mental for me - I spent 10 hours on trains! I headed to Aberystwyth first (a Local Section meeting..) But I had to leave early to get the train to London! Our Regions Team meeting was in London Tuesday, then they bussed us to Cambridge for night & second day. I started an extra night (didn't fancy another 13+ hour work day this week) and came back to Cardiff Thursday. I even took the afternoon off to make up for Monday's mammoth day! Yay! Yesterday I ran another training session and hopefully this means I won't have to go out on as many SIAS sessions! Hopefully! 

So, not very exciting.

I'm definitely counting down to our trip to Aus (less than two weeks!).. Might start to pack this weekend (b's folks are visiting next weekend).. I've currently misplaced my fitbit, my Myki card and my Bendigo Ambassador card, so I'll probably need a few days to "pack". :-)  What's the weather like, Bendigonians?

Keep smiling! 

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