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Monday, 13 April 2015

Gordon St Gossip

It's been a big couple of weeks.

I took on an illustration job for d'Arenberg (along side my usual GDD stuff..) - they sent me a wine to drink, and then I had to draw something that I thought the wine represented. Payment was $500 worth of d'Arenberg wine. Nice reward, but it did mean all my spare time was taken up working.

We also had school holidays, and Chez has done an amazing job of keeping the kids entertained while I was at work. They did a bunch of activities (there was some good stuff on at the Marketplace - craft activities, a treasure hunt, digging for dinosaur bones) and nearly got eaten by a T-Rex ;)

Last weekend as well as the Easter fun times we also went on a trip to Hepburn Springs and went on a 1.5km bushwalk. The kids had great fun, even when clambering over trees that had fallen over the path. We got out to the spring but sadly it wasn't working, plus it was overrun with wasps. Then another 1.5km walk back, but the kids had plenty of energy and played on the playground.

We also checked out Scienceworks, which was good. The kids entry was free during the holidays.

Chez won a 1kg Easter Egg for giving feedback to the Marketplace about the aforementioned activities. Turns out that's a lot of chocolate (apparently we're all about chocolate and wine these holidays) so she's put some in biscuits and some in muffins. Another activity for the kids.

Then yesterday was an Iaido seminar in Melbourne, which turned into a very long day - I left home at 7am and returned at 8pm I think. A bunch of my students graded, and the Hokushin Victoria associate had it's AGM, the result of which is I'm now President.

And that's about it. Ossie's had school followed by soccer training today, and Chez took Lily to the gym. We're getting back into routine.

Who's up next?

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