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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Church Street chatter for April

Ten weeks of Sunday practice ended on 27th of March with the Dahlia and arts Deb Ball. Great night. So well organised this year by Kaye. Debrief meeting here on Thursday but she has already delivered notes of thanks to the new MC and to Clive and Carolynn for their assistance. Carolynn was one of three ushers we used to help seat people. The trainers had a Sunday BBQ at their place in Strathfieldsaye afterwards and eight of us relaxed and chattered until 5.30pm.
 Red was the colour since the theme this year was A Day to Remember with the Anzacs as a focus. We had a two course meal that seemed to work well with main before the Presentation and dessert after. Hoping to lessen the effect of a BYO licence. We may limit the size of the Esky's next year. We employed a decorator who provided all the decorations, had a day setting up then came at midnight to help pack it up. Home by 12.30 and the Hall was back empty and ready for the Star cinema again.

That helped me keep up the steps on Fitbit so since then things have quietened down.

Clive and I took up Rock and Roll lessons on Tuesday's instead of travelling to Kyneton. We don't do anywhere near the number of steps but it's been fun. Friends are doing the beginners course now so we go and watch them then have a practice. The more advanced lessons will follow so we'll see how that goes.

The rest of the nights we do the Ballroom Nu vogue dances. Only way I get the steps up. Very social and we've made lots of new friends. Planning to have a lunch here one Sunday now the Deb is finished.

Good Friday was the pancake day. They had 87 people and raised $795 for the RCH appeal. We then went to Denise's for lunch to catch up with Chris and Emma. Baby Ryan is a little doll and very happy.

On Easter Saturday , Clive and I took his grandson Lachie to visit Clive's daughters in Knox. Mandi is over from Perth for a few days and Lachie hadn't seen his aunties or cousins in several years. Surprise when Clive's ex wife and her husband also arrived for lunch. I think Kerri felt Clive was happy enough to put them both in the same room and it was very civilized, . He said afterwards he was glad she had someone else to nag.

Sunday we had a pop up restaurant here for Easter Sunday dinner. I had butterflied lamb and pork, potato wedges, pumpkin, zucchini , salads and chicken nuggets for the kids. Finished off with pavlova and cheesecake .Practice for  Christmas here.Will need to rearrange to fit in 24.  Damien organised a chocolate free Easter egg hunt that the kids enjoyed. They painted the bunnies and eggs as you'll have seen on FB                                                
 Today I'm getting ready for winter so I've closed off the air con vents and reset the heater clock. Floors all clean and I'll be having leftovers for meals for a while. Clive and Lachie are coming this afternoon to go play pool at the local Hotel. Lachie is in a comp in Mildura so has his own cue and is very hard (impossible) for me to beat.
 So no Easter outings in Bendigo this year for me, but I have enjoyed the time.

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