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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Church St Chatter

Another fortnight since a post.
Apart from dancing, Clive and I had a two day trip to Swan Hill last week. Went up Wednesday as photos on FB show, stayed with Clive's sister and brother in law and had dinner at Murray Downs where we hoped to dance but it was cancelled at the last minute so no dancing. We do Rock and roll on Tuesday's. Not as much variety as ballroom but no travelling needed so we can have much earlier nights. Up to advanced group now.
I've been making felt flowers after we had a workshop at Spinners. Also starting with organising for next year's Deb Ball (need a new photographer) and that went well.
Mum bought a Nutribullet when they had a buy one get one free deal so she bought one for me as well. Yet to try it.
Managed to get Mum transferred to my doctor as she has been very unhappy with the doctor she was transferred to when her doctor retired. I've booked for a flu shot on 5th May. Have heard of several people having a reaction to it so hope any adverse reaction is short lived.
Garden is neglected but I did plant some snow peas, spinach and onions. Zucchini plants are still trying but their coordination is off so I get a batch of female flowers then a batch of male flowers but that doesn't get the fertilization happening. Also found some old marigold seeds so they went in the front just before we finally had some rain. Weather has been beautiful apart from lack of rain but is cooling down now so heater is on.
Still attempting to declutter and I have drop offs at the op shop occasionally. I also buy at op shop so just hope it at least balances out.
Dayna, I saw there is a Dance sport group at Cardiff Uni. How much is dance and how vigorous is the sport? So many dances that we can go north and not know half of the dances so not sure how I'd go in Wales but I'd be interested to see what they do.
Quiet night in tonight. First Sunday in three weeks without a dance afternoon.
Josie and family had a great time in America although Mason was sick when he had the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
We have a blessing ceremony for Ryan Chatham on the 9th May (Chris and Emma)
Planning an afternoon tea here on 7th June for Mum's 90th birthday.
Look forward to news from all of the family.

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