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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bye Bye Buick

Today Len Thomas and two friends came to check out the Buick. They loved Les's shed and didn't think it was messy (but I know Les would have thought so).
Not yet sure if Len will buy it or his friends Les and Frank. If Len buys it, he'll pay Les to do the work to get it going. Either way, they said consider it sold for $10000. May be two unhappy wives about the decision especially as Les and his wife are selling their house in Gordon and downsizing.
Since I'm heading off on Tuesday and Len will be away from mid October to early November, it won't be gone for a while yet.
One down and I hope once the space is there, I'll get into the shed for more decluttering.
The Torana is on the market for $10000 as well if there's any interest out there. At least with Clive to drive, the Torana can get an occasional run.
Len took us all out to lunch afterwards so I have had an enjoyable day.
A man here donates his alpaca fleece to the Spinners and Weavers and he had dropped off this year's on Wednesday. bit of networking at the Stadium lunch and I had a visit from a lady interested in purchasing some alpaca. Now have $20 and four fleeces to take. Since we still had some of last years, I think that's good. I didn't have a chance to check with anyone else, so executive decision on the price.
My modelling at the Stadium was fun and I had a phone call to ask me to do more next Saturday for another group. Decided I am too busy at the moment, but would be available another time.
Tonight I dance at Eaglehawk and needed a plate so carrot cake (from a packet) is ready to go. Also made biscuits for my visitors which were well received. They loved Les's diary of working on the Buick as well.
Mowing was on my agenda too but I think that can wait until the weekend. Tomorrow is very full up.

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