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Monday, 21 October 2013

Kryal Castle

Hmm.. looks like comments have disappeared again, so I'll just say sounds like Dayna's having a great time and Mum you're being very productive!

Last weekend as I'm sure you saw on Facebook we visited Kryal Castle. I'd heard a while back that it had closed down, which was a shame, and then heard that it had reopened with new owners. The weather was looking to be good so we decided to check it out.

(Also, we've been out to Castlemaine, to Daylesford.. this area of central Victoria is really nice countryside to drive around for little trips, especially while everything is so green)

Kryal Castle isn't cheap - it cost us around $70 for the four of us - but had events throughout the day and lots of other stuff to see. Apart from the main area that had weapons displays, guys on horses spearing rings and hitting little shields and stuff and, of course, the main event of jousting, there was also a pantomime show the kids loved and a story reading (of which Os was the sole spectator  for the first 5 minutes or so) and a bit of foam swordplay too.

There were some new things - fairies, dragons and other kid-friendly fantasy elements - and some stuff I remember from when we visited like the stocks, the maze and the throne room. Although the torture chambers were still there (we didn't go in) generally I think it's tending more towards kid-friendly entertainment instead of more historically accurate and somewhat terrifying medieval stuff.

This coming weekend if the weather is nice we might check out the Bendigo show. It's nice to have the kids at an age where we can have a day trip out together.

The photos are up on facebook if you want to check them out: https://www.facebook.com/damienmason/posts/10151648256510683

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