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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Church St Chatter

How hard to top a holiday in Spain. Thank you for the lovely postcard. Lisa had her's as well and loved it.
Wondering how Glenn and Dee are affected by the nasty bushfires in NSW.

I've been busy in the garage and have finally got rid of the old air con and some boxes of metal. I'm now in the process of filling it up again. I've moved the desk from the back room (loose legs Glenn) and the computer parts as well. Now the organ is in that spot and I have a space in the spare room in case Carolynn moves in. Fraid the workings of the pianola are sitting in the carport. Not sure what to do with that. The shed is a strong possibility.

Also mowed the lawn, trimmed the edges, made four small Christmas cakes and the Christmas puddings. Suddenly we have a taste of summer with 31 the forecast for today. Turn off heater, turn on air con.

Don't know how to write around the picture.

Been dancing although we had Tuesday off. Clive is watering the race course and the hotter it is the later he needs to do it. Coming up this week is a Gala Ball at  Kyneton, Spring Gully with Rod McKenzie, and a Daylesford tea dance on Sunday That should hold me until I get back from Phillip Island.(29th to 31st October)

I helped Lisa on Friday, when she'd had the call that her new bed would be delivered. Not enough time to paint the room but it was very well vaccuumed and now she has a great place to hide lots away, yet still have it accessible.Probably still a lot we moved that needs to be moved back.

Looking forward to more news from everyone. I know Jared has lots to tell and Carolynn will in another 10 or so days. Love and hugs from Mum/Nanny.
Space in the garage.

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