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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Gorge Wildlife Park

After my surprise picnic a few weeks back, Cheryl had told me she had a day trip planned for today. As it turned out, the trip was to Gorge Wildlife Park, about an hour or so north east of the city, up in the hills.

It is like your typical wildlife park - you can buy food (peanuts) and feed wallabies, see all manner of Australian birds, and even have a turn holding a koala (which is awesome!). However this park has something different, something very special..


And man, these aren't just any monkeys. These are monkeys who will reach through the bars of their cage to have you hand them peanuts. And stare. Some of them would roll the peanuts to break the shells, others just ate them. They certainly fared better than the wallabies, who kept having their peanuts pilfered by long beaked (and very bold) birds.

So yeah, it was an awesome morning, And I took a stupidly large number of photos. You can see the best of them over at flickr, including a great shot of Cheryl with the baby koala Poppy. We managed to get some good shots by getting right up close to the cages and shooting between them too.. like the one below, in which I think the monkey looks so sad to be trapped.

And now I fail to see how I can top this day for the next surprise day trip. Hmm.. maybe something with monkeys...


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  2. that sounds fun was it it looked fun

  3. That is awesome! Well done Cheryl. I like the idea of surprise events, and you can't get any better than a day out with monkeys. It reminds me of my childhood, swinging through the trees with my brother and sisters ...

    Damien, brilliant photos. I'm going to show off to people at work with them - two things the brits love are koalas and Neighbours. You get a koala in there having an affair with Dr. Karl, they'd be in heaven.

    If you set your license to Creative Commons Attribution then people have to mention your name when they use your photos. I think Dayna got published in a travel book that way.

  4. i can't remember setting my licence to anything.. but i've got TWO photos in online guide books. :)

    a sydney one here and an edinburgh one here


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