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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Our weekend...

... not as action-packed as Glenn & Dee's, but it was fun!
Yesterday we went to China town & the markets for a bit of shopping and lunch, and then drove out to one of the cinemas and watched the Simpsons movie. The movie was quite good. Not fantastic... but still very entertaining.
Today Damien surprised me with a picnic lunch! I thought we were heading to the supermarket, but Damien drove right past. Then he explained that while I was in the shower he was quickly making sandwiches & looking for directions to Mt Lofty on the net. Everything was already in the car so I didn't suspect a thing. It was very sweet! :)

The magpie that tried really hard to share our lunch

The big black hole in the middle of the lake. As you can see from Damien's expression we were a bit confused by it at first, but it's actually a drain that allows the overflow to help fill the lake next to this one.


  1. Hooray for secret picnics! That magpie was awesome.. it was walking back and forth on the seat opposite us, so we could just see it's head - it looked like a hand puppet :) And then it jumped onto the table - very bold.
    Also, because the picnic was secret i had to try to hurry Cheryl along while she was getting ready.. and as all husbands know it's hard enough to get your wife to hurry when they're going somewhere they want to go - it's next to impossible when they think they're just going to the supermarket ;)

  2. The lakehole is freaky -- it doesn't quite look real. You'd think there would be an easier way to let one lake drain into another ... like joining them with a little dam or something. Not up with lake technology, me.

    Very cool, secret picnic complete with hungry, pecky puppet show. Glad to hear you guys are having fun!

  3. I agree the hole is freaky but it sounds like a good weekend any way


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