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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Happy Birthday Cheryl

To finalise the triptych..

Happy Birthday Cheryl!


  1. Happy birthday Cheryl from us as well. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    I still don't know how to do the colourful writing on the bandwagon.

  2. Hey we've all been Simpsonized. Who did that? Great work.
    Carolynn has gone to the snow today (and from the feel of the weather some snow is on its way here)
    Damien your artwork is just great. I didn't get around to commenting when I read your blog but I did go and look. Illustrating children's books would be good fun.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cheryl!!

    Hope you've had a great day!

  4. Just a reminder to keep on celebrating Cheryl, cos it's only 8am over here!

    happy birthdayyy tooo youuuu,
    happpyyy birrthdayyy tooo youuuu,
    haappyyy biiiiirrrthdayyy deeearrr Cheeeerr-ryylll,
    happpy biirrrthdayy tooo youuuu

    *big hugz* and hope you have (had) a beautiful day and have a great year to come.

    p.s. i Simpsonized everyone.. sorry it's a bit longer than the other ones.. i might have to fix that.. *grin*

  5. Thanks everyone! :D I did have a happy birthday! In the morning I opened the presents from Damien... some perfume, 2 cookbooks (a Donna Hay and a Filipino one) and some cool stockings & socks :) At work I got a cooking dvd, a mini cake & balloons, which all made up for having to spend the day at work ;) I also got a card from Ann & Les with a present slipped inside (thank you!) and my parents must have stolen your idea because then gave me the same :)
    After work I met up with Damien in the city. We had a drink at a cocktail bar (Cosmo... yum!) and then went across the road to a really good Japanese restaurant. It is a teppanyaki place and you sit around the giant bbq/hotplate and watch the cook prepare your meal. We chose the salmon, beef, chicken & potato. Each were cooked individually, presented on a small plate and then you dip it into one of the sauces in front of you. It tasted so good and was great to watch too!
    We also had dessert and after that a complimentary birthday cake was brought to the table. It was so cute! It had a chocolate plaque on it saying 'happy birthday cheryl'. We had to take it home though because we were way to full to even think about eating it :)
    All up it was a great day :)
    (and now I feel like I've just stood up in front of the class for "show & tell" ;)

  6. And thank you to Nanna for the card & gift, and to Lisa, Adam, Carolynn, Jared & Trinity for their gift, too! The origami paper and card are beautiful, and I would love that pattern Lisa :)

  7. Thankyou to Cheryl and Damien, we got Trinity's gift today - don't you just love Little Golden Books. :)

    And I've found the pattern, just have to scan it for you Cheryl!

  8. Especially little golden books about shy little kittens ;)

  9. Happy birthday Cheryl, glad to hear you had a ball. There's a pressie from the UK division winging it's way to you now (actually, considering that it's not there yet, it's probably actually swimming it's way to you).

    La la la!

  10. it SHOULD be winging.. i'm sure i sent it airmail.. ;)

    (if we can get up to 19 comments on this, it beats glenn's effort.. heheh)

  11. Well, with that in mind Dayna, I'll add another post to help it along ;)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Glenn, and thanks also to Nana for the card & gift! :)

    I'll keep an eye on the letterbox for the package :)

  12. Did you get your parcel yet?

    I haven't scanned the pattern, I might try taking it to school and putting it on the Parent's Association tab ;)

    How many comments do we need to beat the last record?

    I will say - for the record - I love the Simpsonized header... and I will definately have to include all the ogre pictures when I get around to doing Trinity's album. I only got her first birthday photos done in May or June *hangs head in shame*


  13. ah, i'm supposed to put up a different sized simpsons header and the ogre header you sent me Lisa, it's just been a little nuts at work this week i'm afraid.
    Also i'm just trying to help the post count along too :)

  14. Ha! You'll NEVER beat my comment count!

  15. Bugger, why'd I say that?

  16. Because you're you Glenn.Thank you for the chuckle that caused.

  17. Why did you post that Glenn, or why did you post again afterwards :P And how did you post them simultanously ;)

    That's ok Damien, I like Dayna's big Simpson header!

    Next :P

  18. thanks family, it certainly made me laugh to get through all the comments.. heheh.. cheryl, got your parcel yet?

  19. p.s. That's 20 comments and the most so far on the Bandwagon. *grin*

  20. 21! There's a very international looking parcel at home for you Cheryl. I'm pretty sure it was eating curry and complaining about the national football team.. something about bad teeth.. ah, i don't know, what are the English stereotypes anyway?

  21. Thank you for the book! :D Damien & I looked through it together yesterday. The front and back covers themselves are great! And thanks for putting my name on the back of it. I think Damien was admiring it a little -too- much ;)


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