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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Happy Birthday Nana

Just wanted to pass on a HUGE HUG and a BIG KISS to Nana for her birthday - can someone do that for me? It's okay if more than one person passes it on too. ;)

I'm currently busy trying to find a new house - I'll let you all know when I find one..


  1. I thought you'd found the perfect place for your stay in Manchester. Why are you moving? I guess it's end of semester soon at Uni. Will that make any difference in finding accommodation?
    Dad has started on the wall of the study so no windows now.
    everyone will be here for a casserole tea tomorrow night so we'll pass on your birthday best wishes to Nana then.

  2. the place i'm in at the moment is far from perfect. it's noisy, the landlady doesn't fix anything (dishwasher hasn't worked the whole time i've been there, even though she said she'd be "getting it fixed soon" when i viewed the place; my window has been unable to be opened for the last six weeks or so; the fan above the hotplates only works on high (and LOUD) speed... etc), one of my walls is only a bookcase - so i hear EVERYTHING that happens in the kitchen/lounge, the neighbourhood is noisy because it's in the city (so there are plenty of loud drunken people outside between 12 and 1am and the bottles/glass get emptied into the bin around 7am every day) and there are not enough trees and grass.

    *deep breath*

    anyway, my tenancy agreement finishes on the 19th july, so i'm hoping to move at the start of that month. i recommend not sending anything to me until i sort out a new address - i'm not sure that anything would be forwarded on to me. i'm looking at moving out of town a bit (more parks and near where my friends live). i've got a viewing this sunday.. fingers crossed.


    thank you for passing on my *hugz* to Nana.


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