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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 4 June 2007

Free International Calls

For those of us without broadband (that's you Mum and Dad) my boss has recommended www.jajah.com

Apparently if you all sign up you can make free calls between Australia and the UK via the landline, as opposed to Skype which uses the internet. Both people have to be members, and then you hop online, select who you want to call and it calls your phone. You get a 150 minutes a week, 500 minutes a month apparently. So yeah, it's completely free, and via landline. Should save everyone some money.

If you sign up let me know. I've just signed us up with the username "damienmason"


  1. Mum and Dad have joined with the username "lesannmason"

  2. i've joined with username "daynoir" but i've only got my mobile there at the moment.

    please keep using skype/msn with me until i move.. then i'll update the phone number and we can use jahjah.

  3. Thank you Damien. Only problem is I have to be on line then it tosses me off to answer the phone. If I use it to call someone, they may get Telstra message bank first before I pick up. Is that what happened to you Damien? I'll try it to the mobile on Sunday Dayna. we just got our telstra bill so I can see what the mobile calls cost compared to a landline. Still it should be cheaper for you Dayna shouldn't it? We can use email etc to keep in touch.

  4. Yeah, I suppose the plus side is that we could instigate calls to you as well, which means you wouldn't have to be online at all :)

    Unfortunately the mobile phone call isn't free like the landlines.. but you could always check the rate against the telstra rate, it still might be a bit cheaper.

  5. We're under 'glennji', huzzah!


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