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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Busy week or two...

It's almost the weekend and I'm looking forward to it. The last two weeks have been very busy.

Dayna and VickiIt all started Friday 1st June with the combined do for Stef's birthday and Lapo's leaving. A bunch of us from the Lab went to an Irish pub in Didsbury. Vicki and I (in the picture) had a couple of bottles of wine between us and had a very merry night. Both of us ended up with bruises we couldn't explain... hmmmm...

Saturday Vicki, Angelika and I finished putting together a French labcoat (take labcoat, cut into three, dye one piece blue and one red - making sure the white one is in the middle, sew back together). The labcoat was made as a joke for the French post-doc, Laurent. He'd gone away to a conference and told Vicki not to do anything to his fume hood.. that'll teach him for not saying anything about his labcoat. :)

lights on the lakeAfter that we went to Platt Fields park for a picnic by the lake - there was a Festival on so we took our crunchy bread, dips, cheese and juice and went to see what was going on. We got to watch a really cool shadow show - instead of just a light behind a screen, the show used projected pictures, mirrors and all kinds of cool effects. It was a beautiful warm evening and there were lots of people out. They even put lights on the lake (although if you looked at them closely they were just plastic blow-up things..).

Sunday afternoon I met the girls in town and went in search of an iced coffee - you'd be surprised at how many strange looks I got, you'd think that they didn't drink iced coffee here in England! After traipsing around 5 or 6 places we ended up having chocolate pudding instead (it was very tasty). That evening we watched the first Pirates movie at Vicki's.

Monday I went to Cafe Scientifique with Vicki, Tuesday to a talk at the museum about Caves with Vicki, Laurent and James (Angelika's man), Wednesday we met at Vicki's again to watch the second Pirates installment and Thursday a bunch of us went to the movies to watch Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (a very good movie!). After work drinks on Friday went until after 11pm, Saturday I went to Angelika's to put some things together for Vicki's hen nights (she's off to Canada next week and will get married in early July - yes, it's all been a bit interesting for me.. but Vicki is one of only a few people I've told about my past). Sunday I looked at flats and in the evening we went to see Ocean's 13 (another very good movie!), Monday night was back at Angelika's to finish things off for Tuesday night - a Cocktail night at Bex's place and then out to Fab Cafe in town.
Dayna, Babs, Vicki and AngelikaHere's a picture of some of the girls - me, Babs, Vicki and Angelika. We'd made the veil and a matching garter, and had cut up red and black shiny material for everyone else (and even made garters for some of the girls). The busy week finished with going to see the Rocky Horror show (live) on Wednesday. It was a very good show - and many many people dressed up (even though it was FREEZING.. lots of cold people in little more than their underwear methinks).

So, I'm having a fairly quiet one this weekend (I was going to go to Oxford, but I'll go next weekend instead). I've found a new place to live - a studio flat so I don't have to share and I move in at the start of July. I'll let you know the address when I find it out (I think it's Flat 7, but that's all I know).

I think I'd better finish now - this is one VERY LONG post.. I didn't mean it to be - it's just my very busy couple of weeks!

*big hugz* to all


  1. i just caught up with my blog reading. You have been busy and sound like it's all fun. I look forward to the photos of the new place. Fallowfield doesn't sound green exactly but at least it's not concrete. How far from work?

  2. Fallowfield is about 15 mins bus ride from work. But it's also a 5 min walk from Platt Fields Park - so lots of green there. :)

    It's also only a short walk from Vicki, Angelika, Laurent and Luke; Just around the corner from a big Sainsbury's supermarket (yay, real food); and two doors down from a pub (but can't be any noisier than where I live at the moment - with 5 pubs/clubs in the immediate vicinity).

    I'm looking forward to the move.

  3. Does sound like a very busy couple of weeks. Congrats on getting the new place!

    How do you get around over there? Do you have a car or use public transport?

  4. It's going to be public transport.. at the moment I'm close enough to work to walk most places - which is fine except that it's been raining a lot lately.. :( i need to get myself a good summer rain jacket.


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