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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Damien & I tried out a new burger place today, and I got this soft shell crab burger. We thought it looked pretty impressive so I took a photo. Isn't it cool?! It was an entire crab, with rocket, roasted parsnip and a coriander-peanut sauce. It was delicious! And because the crab is soft-shelled you can eat the whole thing. Yum! Damien got a duck burger, which had sweet potato, rocket and yam sauce (it tasted good but didn't look as good as mine ;).

The burger place was on Glenelg beach, so while we were out there we went to the cinema & saw 'TMNT' (I'll let Damien talk about that one). Yesterday we saw another movie, '300', at a different cinema in gold class. It was the first time we had been to gold class, and it was great! So luxurious! :) We were served nachos & scones during the movie, and the rest of the time enjoyed the reclining chairs. It's not something we will do often, but I'm looking forward to going again :)


  1. great photo!

    ...though it DOES look kinda creepy - like it could just get up and creep away..

    ..(o dear)..

  2. I'm with Dayna... it does look a bit creepy LOL!
    But cool, glad you all enjoyed Easter, will be back with photos when I can.

  3. See I reckon it could be a pokemon :)

    And TMNT was a good movie, the storyline was a bit lacking but it had beautiful graphics and the colours were great too. Plus we weren't the only adults who went to see it without children :)

    I think we'll have to go back to the burger place with Mum and Dad when they visit, they have standard chicken and beef burgers too and it's a really nice little place. Plus it's on the beach, which is always a good thing ;)

  4. The photo is like fish eyes. You were so brave to eat it. I'm glad it was delicious. We'd love to visit there when we visit you.

  5. burgle. burgle BURGLE burgle!


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