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Sunday, 22 April 2007

French Assignment Almost Done

HI Everyone 3 weeks ago I got a French Assignment. Does anyone knows any of the following: French words bused in English, a Sports man or French companies in Australia. If u do that would be Great


  1. Cheryl found this great site http://www.ambafrance-au.org/kids/pages/frameset.htm it has information about France and French words used in English.

    For a sportsman, you should look up the Tour de France or the Olympics or other international competitions and then see who of the entrants is French.

    As far as companies, Cheryl suggests cosmetic or perfume companies that sound French (your mum should have some good ideas) and maybe have a look at the supermarket for French food and see who produces it (ie croissants, baguette, Camembert) although bear in mind we live in an international society, so it may be Aussie companies making French food :)

    Glenn and Dee should also be able to help quite a bit, having been to France after all :)

  2. Hope it's not too late: lots of French companies have a "presence" in Australia, including L'Oreal (make-up), Société Générale (pharmacy stuff I think). Hmm, it looks like AXA ("it's an Axa! What's an Axa?") is French too.

    As for sports-people ... this page has a long, long list of famous frenchies. Scroll down to see "Athletes", including at least one that Poppy (and Nanny?) may recognise: Alain Prost (car racing).

  3. no because everyone got a week longer not before monday though


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