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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 9 March 2007

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone just want to see what everyone is up to. i'm not doing much aside from calisthenics & school.


  1. Hi Carolynn,
    I'm not up to much. It's still not very warm here. Today was overcast with a little bit of blue sky. I'm looking forward to Spring (it will be your Autumn) - I can't wait for some sunshine!

    Otherwise, I've just been working. I made some cool ferrofluid the other day. Ferrofluid is a liquid until you put it near a magnet and then it forms spikes. Check out this link for some cool art using ferrofluid. Could you imagine making ferrofluid in a science class? (I'm writing it for high school chemistry).

    Write another post soon.

  2. Hi Carolynn!
    I've mostly just been working, however right now the Fringe Festival is on in Adelaide. It's an arts festival so these past couple of weeks Damien and I have been seeing a few shows & doing some other Fringe things. We saw one show the other night in a small tent. There were 3 people and they used food and people-shaped cookie cutters as part of their act! It was really funny & very entertaining. It was also a bit messy because they cooked popcorn in a saucepan without a lid on it and blended up some juice without a lid on the blender! :) They had plastic on the floor around their bench, so hopefully it wasn't too hard for the poor cleaners to clean up :)
    How is school going?

  3. Heh, they also used those scrapy tools to flick tomato sauce off their bench directly into the crowd (not on purpose i think, they were just trying to clean in a hurry).. not a good time to be wearing white, that's for sure :)

  4. Did you get food on you Cheryl? Or Damien? That sounds like lots of fun. One of these years I think I'm going to be in Adelaide for the Fringe Festival. Just not sure when yet... ;)


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