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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 12 June 2006

World Cup header

Hi all,

Another day, another header. This one is to celebrate the World Cup (Australia v Japan tonight, 10pm on SBS, watch it!). For your own reference, here's the countries each of you are wearing:
Adam - Trinidad and Tobago (Trini-dad.. heh), Trinity - Ukraine, Lisa - Poland, Glenn - Mexico, Carolynn - Portugal, Danielle - England, Nana - Australia, Dad - Argentina, Mum - Netherlands, Jared - Switzerland, Dayna - USA, Cheryl - Italy, and I'm Germany.

As with the others, Cheryl and I take turns drawing people :)


  1. lol...what...no japan??

  2. well yeah, they won't make it out of this round ;)

    More realistically, have you seen how complex their uniforms are?

  3. Brilliant! I love that the numbers count down in ages too -- nice touch!

    Oh, and it's 2pm on ITV for those of us on the other side of the planet ;-)

  4. I hope you all remembered to watch it. In a word: Fwoar.

  5. Don't you think it's a bit weird though that Mexico's uniform is a skivvy?


    (Sorry Glenn, I think I was in charge of your shirt:)

  6. it's that pasty scottish tan of his ;)

  7. hey, no fair.. i'm the one in Germany (trying to control a german keyboard where some of the keys are different).. can't i be germany?.. blah USA.. i don't like USA (no reason).. my friend Björn and his housemate are really into the Fußball (football.. or soccer for you Aussies..heheh..), so they've got the draw up all around their house.. and a Milka cow all dressed up in the right colours (you know the chocolate?).

    i arrived here in München (Munich) yesterday, and today we've been cycling around the city, climbed a church tower, had a picnic, and sat in a beer garden to watch Argentinia completely bury the Serbia & Montenegro team (they won 6:0!!).

    having an absolute blast.. 27 degrees here today, predicted similar for the rest of the week.. and (apart from the peeling from sunburn last week..d'oh!) all is good!

    hope everyone else is having a good time.. don't get too cold.. and don't tell me how cold canberra is.. i just don't want to know right now.


  8. well here in b'go we have had a couple of below zero mornings :) heheh...
    today was really nice tho', the least cold i have been to watch Jared play footy (or Australian Rules for those overseas lol) no footy next weekend but they still have training during the hols... non-compulsory but we will try, they need the practice!

  9. i make it a distinction between footy (australian rules) and football (the beautiful game ;))

    Australia is playing Brazil on Sunday night/Monday morning at 1:30am our time. I'm not sure whether to try to snooze beforehand or just stock up on the caffeine and do my best. Being in Germany and on Germany time you've got no excuse not to watch it Dayna :)

  10. they're playing in Munich!! ie.. where i am! that's why i want the German Strip (please please please..??)

    i'm going to watch the game at Tollwood (a festival thingy at Olympic Park).. and then go to Leopoldstraße (Leopold Street) to party on (just for a little bit). :)

    should be exciting, lots of Aussies here in Munich.. and lots of Brazilians. yay!!!

    *hugz* to all


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