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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Internet Providers? Meh.

Internet connectivity hasn't gotten any easier -- ISPs are, as a general rule, either a) expensive (by locking you into a contract) or b) incompetent.  It was true in the dial-up days and it's still true.  Take my current ADSL provider -- I won't name them, but they're the only ADSL2 provider in Scotland (and maybe the whole United Kingdom) who won't ask for a minimum 6 month contract.  And they rhyme with "spooltog".

When we moved, I rang up to get my account transferred to the new address.  Nope, can't do that -- I need to cancel the old one then reapply for the new one.  So I do that (or so I think).  It takes weeks to get the new connection, and then I finally logon to check my old account ... and I still owe £5.66 for the last four days of the month.  When I wasn't in the house.  How does that go again?

The customer call centre has been outsourced (can you guess to where?) and they don't have any connection to the finance department ... even to the point of transferring my call.  So I get a double-dose of the 15 minutes waiting on phone whilst inane pop music rings tinnilly in my ear.  I'm just glad I've got a headset, and can mute the microphone and actually continue working.

Why must it be this way??

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