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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Bendigo Photos

Here are some photos, as promised. We put in the one of us with Trinity to demonstrate what happens whenever anybody else but Lisa Carolynn or Jared tries to hold her. Mum and Dad look like it's under control, but she was on the way out :)

And here's a photo of Jared making a silly face.. I told you i'd put it on the internet ;)

Finally this fine photo is William in the hat I made him :)


  1. wow - trin is SO BIG!!

    Jared, you look great with the camera - have you been taking lots of photos?

    Carolynn, looks like the flute playing is going well.. i've had a month of guitar (while i've been away), so i'll have to work extra hard to get back into it.. :)

    Can't wait until i come and see everyone in bendigo! and I'll keep my eye out for cheap flights to adelaide and come and visit Damien and Cheryl too (Cheryl, your hair is WAY LONG now! wow!)

    *big hugz* for everyone..

  2. Damien and Cheryl -- thanks for the photos!!!

    It's good to see everyone!

    I'll try to get some photos of us put up too.

  3. the photos are great Damien. Did you have a good trip home on Monday?Dad has had his first week back in Hay and he said nothing has changed. He has a lot of work to do to sort things out. I'll list his Hay email address once I know it so you can all send him cheering messages.


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