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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 3 September 2005

New glasses (almost)!

Hi guys,

Today while we were looking at new glasses, Cheryl had the brilliant idea of taking photos with my phone so i could actually see how i look wearing them from a distance.

So here's the photos of the frame I've picked.. it's got those magnetic sunglasses that clip on the front. Note the almost exact facial expression in each photo, for ease of comparison :)


  1. good look - very suave!

  2. Have you grown a beard?

  3. Perhaps.. a teeny tiny beard..

  4. I'll allow that kind of comment only because you are much closer to France than I. But don't let me catch you speaking Indonesian any more!

    I should have the glasses in about a week.. and it will be great. Going to the show on a sunny day made me realise how much i need sunglasses.

  5. Yeah, I need some sunglasses too. I bought some, but it was a waste of $50 - expensive, polarised - because they make me look like a bogan. (Pics on Flickr as proof.) A week seems like a long time to wait however!

  6. well, as it turns out it was less than a week. I picked them up last night on the way to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a fantastic film I recommend to all).

    Ah, sweet vision, it's good to know you again.

  7. one week? i'm getting 2 new pairs of photochromatic glasses and it's been 2&1/2 weeks and counting...because they're glass not plastic, which is more expensive, but apparently i have really bad eyesight and plastic lens' would be too thick and look wrong in wire frames...also, i can't get the "free" glasses advertised because my prescription is so high!

    any way, you're new frames look great damien! like i'll say they look crap when you already have them - lol

  8. Yeah, I had to go with high index lenses because of my script too.. and that meant I couldn't get the half frames, because they don't use high index lenses for that. Luckily Laubman & Pank (the optometrists I went through) had a half price lenses sale.. so the glasses went from $650 or so to $450. A bit pricey, but they come out as equivalent to two pairs of glasses with the magnetic lenses.. so it's not too bad really :)

  9. They are very nice glasses! :) They're very trend without being over-stated :) I think the price is alright considering how clearly you can see things now... plus they should last longer than the other ones with the cleaning fluid and cloths.

    Lisa, you'll have to post a pic of you & your new glasses when you get them! (I can't wait for Christmas to see them :)

    I tried on some frames while Damien was looking (as you do) and found some nice ones! But I've decided they'll be out of fashion by the time I need glasses :)

  10. glasses.. heheh..

    yeah, okay, i'm lucky that i don't need them for sight.. but i do need good sunnies - the coating on my current ones is starting to come off.. they'll do for a while longer though (even sunnies can be expensive if they're not going to fall apart)..


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