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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

6 week fit-for-summer challenge

Hi all,

As part of WWFM, they have a 6 week exercise challenge which has just started. I'm doing it (because I have to) and Cheryl is too (to be supportive).

It's really good, I started this year with it too.. things like a few 20 minute walks, maybe 30 minutes yard work, that kind of thing. It's not running or harsh exercise or going to the gym or anything over the top like that. And best of all, at the end of the 6 weeks you definately feel (and look) fitter.

So I'm sending out a challenge to the rest of the family (bandwagon). Who is brave enough to take the challenge with me? Put your name down here and I'll email you the details. There's three levels.. if you're not exercising very much or at all, you go with level 1. If you're exercising pretty much every day and are comfortable with it, well, level 3 is more like what you'd need. Don't try for a higher level than you should though, level 1 is enough to get going.

So yeah, who's game?


  1. Damn, I can't say no to anything even midly challenging -- put me down for it!

    Actually, I was thinking of joining WWFM (that's World Wrestling -- Full Metal!! right?) once I'm working. So this might be a little introduction.

    But really -- congratulations on challenging yourself!! "Yoo kaen do eet!"

  2. i will volunteer adam for that! send the info to both of us, in case he 'loses' it!

  3. Hey, if you're volunteering Adam, you have to volunteer yourself as well. It's only fair, after all :)

  4. all's fair in love and war :)

    i'm willing to have a look and if adam'll give it a go i can't see why i couldn't...

  5. I'm ready to have a go .....and need to as well.
    Hey Tim, do you need to borrow a wheel for the spinning?
    looking forward to visiting Adelaide at the end of next week.

  6. Ok, so we've got me, Cheryl, Glenn, Lisa(?), Adam(?), Tim(?), Mum, Dad(?) and Edward-Alexander all signed up. Can we have some confirmation from those of you who weren't sure?

    And those of us who are definately doing it, post an update in a week or so to say how you're going. Maybe you have secrets as to how to find the time or motivation to do it (I reckon motivation is more of an issue than time for me)

  7. hey - count me in.. sorry i'm only replying now.. i've had issues with computers (i'm currently in Geraldton, WA)..

    i was going to get back into the "no excuses, just be healthy and do exercise" thing when i get back from this trip (i arrive back in canberra stupidly early on a sunday morning, after travelling from perth via melbourne - not looking forward to that one!)

    so - send on over the info! *grin*

    o, and timmy's spinning doesn't need a spinning wheel - heheh - it's cycling - using an exercise bike that has a flywheel instead of a normal wheel.. it's just called spinning for some reason.. *shrug*

    hope everyone is well and happy.


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