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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 16 July 2005

end of the holiday

well, tomorrow i have to get up really early to catch a really early plane.. and unfortunately, that means back to canberra and the end of my holiday. o well.. i've had a good week.

after a full-on three weeks at work, i flew to melbourne last saturday for a week of relaxation (and partying). saturday night we had our 30/30/1 party - celebrating timmy's 30th (a little bit late), my 30th (a little bit early) and our 1st wedding anniversary. it was a really good night - it was upstairs at Za'Ba in St Kilda. we had a few cocktails (and cake, thanks Susan) with some of our friends.

sunday we had lunch with the family at our house. a relaxing and tasty affair. that afternoon, mum and dad headed back to bendigo (with the chiminea and the little washing machine in the back of the van), liz and graeme and bron (timmy's folks and older sister) headed out to croydon to visit the grandparents, and fran and duncan (timmy's little sister and her bf) headed off too (to croydon?). timmy and i packed some stuff and headed for the Novotel St Kilda - yes, we decided to spend our wedding anniversary in the same hotel that we got married in.

when we got there, the cleaners hadn't finished the room (the previous occupant had been smoking - even though the Novotel has a No Smoking policy), so we went and had a champagne in the St Moritz (on them). eventually the room was ready, and we went on up to the penthouse suite - the same room we'd had for our wedding night. it was excellent. and just like last year, we had a complimentary bottle of champagne on ice and three ferrero rocher chocies (the first test of "everything i have i share with you" *grin*). it was great - we got to watch some tv, have a spa (or two), and just enjoy the view (and the champas).

the rest of the week has continued in the "relaxation is what i want to do" vein.. we spent a lovely evening (and night) in Torquay with bronnie and rory (timmy went to school with bronnie), we've had people over for pizza and Killer Bunnies, we had dinner with penny and matt (i was in the same research group as penny) and played more Killer Bunnies and some Tekken, and we've probably done more stuff that i can't remember right now.

today we started packing my stuff back into boxes and away.. fran and duncan move in later this month, and jess (one of timmy's friends) moves in next week. so all of my stuff needs to be packed up and away.

i figured out today that since starting uni (yes, more than a decade ago), i've not been in a house for longer than two years. i've moved a LOT!! i don't think i like it any more. i think i'd like to be in a place a little bit longer than that now.. if only so i can unpack all of my boxes into homes - just once.

anyway... i've babbled enough (and i've got to wash the dye out of my hair now..)


  1. i can relate to wanting to settle into one house for an extended time. i have been able to unpack boxes into homes, and i have stayed at 2 addresses for over 2 years - eaglehawk rd was for 3 and church st was 4, otherwise everywhere else was little over 1...having kids stuff as well, you'd think i'd've learnt to simplify my life by now...ah well, the curse of hording strikes.

  2. Heh.. I unpacked some books a month or so ago that had been packed up since I was at Forest Lane. It's weird seeing stuff you haven't seen in years :)

    We've done a big clean up because we have a house inspection tomorrow, and as part of that i had a bit of a poke through all the boxes we had.. unpacked some, repacked the rest into less boxes. Sure, I hoard too.. but you never know when you'll want your school report from 1996, or a keyring you bought in 1998, and then you'll be glad it's been kept safe :)


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