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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

School holidays

School holidays! We enjoyed a good weekend together: shopping on Saturday, and a trip out to Atisha Centre and the Stupa on Sunday. Damien also took the kids over to Nanny's house for a play, and brought home the metal detector and totem tennis (they have been enjoying both! :)

Unfortunately the kids are both unwell now :( Lil had a high temp for about 24 hours, and both have a chesty cough. We'll have to skip a birthday party today, and if the kids are better I'll take them out for activities tomorrow. At least Os gets to do what he has been asking to: stay at home and play with his toys! :) Lil is happy enough watching her favourite shows, and I have been using this time at home to catch up on housework and... reading! An actual book! Haven't had time to do that in a while! I've also started work on a scrapbook for Oscar's school years. 

Damien has a big weekend ahead with the Iaido seminar he has organised. He'll be picking up Sensei Tao and his wife from Melbourne on Friday, train all day Saturday (followed by an Iaido dinner) and then drive them to the airport on Sunday. Busy times! Fingers crossed the kids will be well enough and we can join everyone for lunch and dinner on Sat.

So that's our holidays so far. Apart from that, Os received his mid-year school report (and had his parent teacher interview) and no surprises he is excelling in Maths! He is doing Maths with a group of grade 2 students :D He is also excelling at reading and is doing really well with spelling too. He still needs to work on his fine and gross motor skills, but after a chat with his class and PE teachers it seems that he is improving :)

10am. Better shower and then get onto that housework I said I was doing! ;) :D

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