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Monday, 7 January 2013

New Me

Well everyone would have seen at Christmas just how much weight I have packed on!  20kg's in fact!  I am now a whopping 120kg, the heaviest I have ever been and I am very uncomfortable and unhappy about it.
I need to change and to do that I have had to review a few things, you could say a perfect storm has gathered...

1)  I can shift my weight sticking to weightwatchers but I need to stick to the plan religiously or the weight comes back with a vengeance, I was 100kg in July!  This was something Damien discussed in a post a while back, a persons ability to keep weight off and how many fail I never saw myself like that but as I was packing clothes from my closet today I see sizes range from 14 ( I was never a ballerina!) to 20, my weight has been a lifelong battle that I am now losing and I am so very tired of it!
2)  WeightWatchers have really let me down, in their ability to keep up with technology and their complete lack of customer service, in the end I was only paying $30 a month to use a points calculator.

Thankfully a couple of really great tools have presented themselves which I am hoping will guide me into a happier and lighter me!

1)  The fitbit!  This is a great little tool you clip to your belt, it is a pedometer but it also measures how many flights of steps you take, your calories burnt, well it does a few things which you can read all about, but what I like is it sync's to an application, which captures all this data along with what you eat, how much you weigh (again this figure is sync'd from the Fitbit scales we have)  how many calories you have left to consume etc, what I really like is that Glenn and I are friends on this app so we are constantly competing against each other for steps and weight loss.

2)  James Duigan's Lean and Clean Diet, now this guy flogs clean eating, and Damien this address the permanent weight loss, the idea in a nut shell is that we store a bunch of toxins in our fat that are obtained from fake processed foods, sugar etc... James asserts that when we loose weight those toxins are released into our body, the body hates this as it now has to deal with them, we get tired, grouchy etc, so when we do slip up on our diet the body uses the fats and sugars to clean up and store these toxins again as body fat.

I start James's 14 day kickstart diet plan today, after the 14 days you are urged to eat mostly organic if you can with reductions in CRAP Caffeine, Refined Sugar, *Alcohol and Processed Foods, this is an education not a diet, you also have a simple 8 minute work out to do, which I will complete along with my steps (which i may struggle with this week due to the extreme heat!)

My hope here is that I do change my habits and I'm not permanently on a diet, either way I urge you to create an account on Fitbit and ask to be my friend, that way you can see my progress and encourage me, its also a really great source of accountability for me, make sure I'm keeping my Clean and Lean on!   You can see more about it here...


My motivation's are:

1)  Another baby
2)  More active, there are so many outdoor activities I'd love to do which I dont!
3)  I wanna look hot!
4)  Health

Wish me luck everyone!   You are all my support and motivation!

*  Yes I have even given the demon drink up for the time being!  Its been a week now, I decided I had better start that early as it took special reserves of will power! :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome work Dee. I've created an account and added you as a friend :) I don't actually have a fitbit but I'll check it out every week or so and see how you're going.

    The clean eating thing sounds good. Whether there are toxins in fat or not, I'm a huge fan of clean eating - it's always going to be much better than processed food. If for no other reason than you actually know what's in what you eat.

    I also think it's a great idea to see it as a lifestyle change/education, rather than a diet. Although weight does tend to go back up again post-diet, I've been reading recently that you can essentially reset your body's standard weight range (what you'll sit around if you just eat normally) by keeping your weight low for a longer period of time. So going on and off a diet isn't going to help, but changing eating habits for good certainly will.

    Good luck with your next 14 days, and the days after that too :) I'm sure you'll kick arse.


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