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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Update from us

As usual, it's been a while since we posted anything on the bandwagon, so I thought I'd give a bit of an update. This week has could have best been described as Hellishly busy. After a few weeks of not much going on at work, suddenly a client came to us with a massive job and a really tight deadline.. today being said deadline, and I'm writing this over my lunchbreak while awaiting any more feedback from them. Unfortunately, this was also the week in which I've got two Iaido demos.. one on Sunday, and the other yesterday afternoon. This basically meant that the last few days I've been starting around 6 or 7am so I can get the work done and also so I could leave early Wednesday for the demo. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but the sum result is I'm pretty tired :)

So the demos. Yesterday afternoon Takeo and I were at a big park in Adelaide for a half hour or so. We did some kata together, then faced off against each other with Takeo attacking and me defending.. then we did five each alone (we were clapped at the end!) and finished with some bamboo cutting. The crowd actually built up to be pretty large. Cheryl has posted photos, and I'll chuck a couple in here.. you can see it's fairly sparse in the first one, but by the end there's people behind us watching as well. The demo Sunday should be a bit less stress.. it's just for my Dojo in Reynella, so myself and a couple of students will do about 3 kata each and that will be all.
If you want to see all the photos you can see them here.

We hung around at the Moon Lantern Festival after the demo to eat some delicious Korean food and watch a few of the shows on the main stage. Oscar also tasted his first ice-cream.. which was Cheryl's ice-cream, but he didn't want to share ;) We got it off him when we offered him a banana instead.. he loves his fruit!

Oscar is growing up so quickly and learning a lot. He's gradually adding more words, some from us (like "nan" and "up") and some from childcare (like "ta" and "more") and some he just seems to pick up himself. He started saying "nose", "mouth" and his favourite "eye" suddenly one day. He really likes to mimic us too.. sometimes you wont realise you're doing something (like scratching the top of your head) until you see Os doing it too.
He's becoming much better at feeding himself.. some foods are easier than others of course, but he loves using a spoon, fork and knife when he can. He also loves reading books.. I think that's his favourite quiet time activity. Sometimes he'll even sit down and look through the books himself. We play a lot, he loves chasing and hiding games, and really likes exploring outside. He can get a bit quiet and shy with new people, but I reckon it takes about 20 minutes for him to get used to them (and it took about 2 minutes with Sam :))

We're looking forward to seeing Mum and Nana next week, even if there is a fair bit of cleaning the house still to be done. I'm getting Wednesday and Thursday off work (which I appreciate even more after this week) and then Friday Cheryl and I will go out for a few drinks with friends to celebrate my birthday. Gotta make the most of the experienced babysitters :) Monday is a public holiday too! It's going to be a good week :)

Hmm.. I think that's it from me. Hopefully Cheryl can pop on and say how her work is going, and anything I might have forgotten. I'd better get back to work!


  1. I think Damien's covered everything quite well :) The demo yesterday was great! I had been looking forward to it all day. I'm also looking forward to the demo on Sunday. And it was really nice to spend a bit of time afterwards relaxing by the river, eating yummy food and hanging out :)

    Oscar continues to amaze me with all the things that he is learning so quickly! Although he still takes after his cousin Daria and bumps his head a lot ;) And he's had a particularly destructive day today... half a container of wipes and half a box of tissues on the floor, we no longer have a fruit bowl, and he made the pc screen turn blue (that one was easily fixed ;) Only got myself to blame though! :)

    Work is going alright. I do two part days (11-5.50pm) which suits Os and I quite well. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I was home every day... but it's also nice to have time at home to catch up on housework and of course spend time with Oscar :)

    As Damien said, we're all looking forward to Nanny & Nanna visiting! I know Os will love having family stay over (especially if they like to read to him ;)

  2. Mum and I are very excited too. I've booked our accommodation at Bordertown on the way over. We'll play it by ear on the way home. See how we feel at each major? town we pass. I think if we get to St Arnaud, we'll probably continue on to home, but it might depend on what time we get away. Maybe Horsham for a stop could be fun.
    You have certainly been busy and I love the photos.
    Glenn and Dee have gone to Melb to see her Dad for his bthdy and then to take Ken and Mary to the airport. They're off to Egypt. I expect G & D round 9.30/10ish. Lisa was to come but Jared is at a mate's so no karate.


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